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  1. Excellent!
    Luke Matney
    This is -of course- better than the light version. Everything about this game, in my opinion, is great. And I think I've found my time waster. :P Love it. 5/5 would waste time again. Also, as a suggestion (I'm sure I'm not the first), you should add a custom alliance option before the game begins. It would be a nice addition. Possibly in a future update. ;)
  2. This app is cool but there needs more features
    Michelle Williamson
    I think it would be great if you could name your own country and pick a flag for your nation! And i question when is the North America coming out?
  3. Better than any map based strategy game ever
    Joseph Bruns
    I love games like this and I thought no one else did until I found this. By far best in the series. Keep up the good work!
  4. This game sucks
    RSK454 WASD
    It's like a crappy version of risk with pretty much zero strategy. Waste of money.
  5. Just an idea
    I've heard that there will be a North America, I thought it would be cool if we could make our own name as an option or even place where we want to start the game from. Its just a thought but for long time players like me it would be amazingly more fun,thx
  6. I love the game
    Dominik Skiba
    Can you add a feature where you can create airports or runways on your province's. Plus would you be able to make a feature where you can make different troops for example the Navy or the Air Force. This would change the game but I believe it would be a good feature. I also believe that there should be a feature where / countries will be able to create there own alliances with you or other countries. I'm not saying that you have to add this but it would be great if you can. But otherwise it's a great game
  7. Good game
    Will Browning
    What is the difference between 1936 and 1936 2? And same goes for 1943?
  8. The best
    Emmanuel Rosales
    Am waiting for a new game to play please make another one
  9. Needs more scenarios
    Jack Mehoff
    Needs a "rise of the Mongols" scenario. I would love to also see a Han Dynasty/Three Kingdoms scenario.
  10. Amazed again
    Super Beary
    Once again you have amazed me with your game somehow you know the secret of making epic games! You have so much potential so I am saying it personally dont stop making these their epic! Also love how you could make your own alternative history ps. When is the North America coming out?
  11. Amazing
    HMS Naiad
    All the other games in the series are amazing, this one is the same. The only problem I have is sometimes when I tried to load a game, the save file would be deleted beyond my will. I have 3 gigs of there a cause for this?
  12. Very addictive
    Saintyl lee
    I'm willing to pay for this game
  13. Lots of potential
    Devon Douthit
    So far, this game is really good but it would be awesome if there are more scenarios to choose from.
  14. Kenneth Hoffman
    I really enjoy all of your age of civilization apps the only thing i could ask for is more ancient civ maps that said this is my favorite game.
  15. Brilliant
    Stuart Robertson
    I love all these games, is their an African version or one planned.
  16. Love it!
    Josh Alexander
    If you like the game Risk at all this game resembles it well, though I wish it was the whole world but great game still.
  17. Great!!!
    Ethan Garmany
    Great detail and accuracy. I found only one glitch, where sometimes soldiers in water will disappear. The only additions I could suggest are customizable nations, and a few more nations. Europe version is missing Malta, and Asia version is (ridiculously) missing Taiwan. Other than that, the game is super fun, addicting,and easy to learn. It is easily my favorite game on a mobile device.
  18. Great but needs improvment.
    Miguel Devis
    Loves the game. Spent several frustrating hours on extreme but finally won. The game does need terrain. Right now it's just a movement of numbers which is cool but mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests something the armies could use as a natural fortification or have to take several turns to bypass would make it a far more strategic and challenging game
  19. Great game!
    Johnny Hill
    Cant wait for north america! I spend more time on your games than i do anything else on my phone! Lol
  20. Awesome games
    Mario Pina
    They're really cool and fun to play with, would there ever be a mode im which we put our own countries into the map, even if they don't exist, it would be interesting but regardless always cool to play


What`s new

S8 bug fix
New: Sandbox mode
New: Borders
Achievements Update
New: Colour of Civilization
New: Army view instead of Economy view
New language: Português
New language: Čeština
Scale of achievements
Scale of icons
New language: Nederlands
New language: العربية
New: Settings->Font Size
New language: Italiano
User can select Civilization in the Random Game mode.
New: Random Game -> Civilization
New language: 日本語
New language: Français
New language: 한국어