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  1. Appears to only work with certain tablets.
    Scott Lynn
    Does not work, developers will not fix... I have a Nexus 7 and have used different versions of Droid and still have yet to find out what exactly it is that's preventing it from working.
  2. Non working
    Dexter Allen
    I paid my hard earned money for a game that doesn't work on my device. Do not download this game if you have a galaxy note edge.
  3. Works Fine for Me
    Kevin Chan
    OnePlus One running stock CyanogenMod KitKat 4.4.4. Game is a bit boring though & seems overrated. Concerning exploratory games with cute graphics, MIMPI is better IMHO.
  4. Great on pc. Wish I could play it on my shield portable
    Bill Stanton
    Awesome game on pc but alas I'm getting the black screen bug,:-( If the developer fixes I'm sure it would be a 5 star game, as it stands I feel I totally wasted my money and not judging by the amount of complaints I'm not alone. Maybe they should take it down until its fixed
  5. There are no words.
    Sara Destin
    The graphics on this game are superb. I have tried on and off for three days to figure out how to play this game. There are no directions. As far as I can tell, the characters plod aimlessly around the game. The game us beautiful to look at but sometimes I tap the screen and they won't move at all.
  6. John Owen
    Forget it... I installed it for my granddaughter on her Hudl2. The app worked fine for one day. Then we encountered the 'black screen' problem. Followed all steps offered by various forums e.g. reinstall, delete data..Nothing works. A complete waste of money and time.
  7. Black screen
    Tan Yi An
    After the loading screen, everything was black i tried exiting the game but it made my phone freeze. I will give it 5 stars if the problem is fixed. I really want to play the game
  8. I don't want a refund. I want to play this great game!
    Wesley Moo
    I'm using a new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Android Lollipop 5.0.2. The game became unresponsive when the scene changes (black screen in the middle with an arrow on the top left and two columns of game background/wallpaper on both left and right of screen). Need to wait patiently for a fix for Note 4 and Lollipop users. Will give 5 stars once it is fixed (as it should be). :)
  9. Awful and awesome
    Emilio Z.
    It looks beautiful. 5 stars for visuals and sound. But play control is poor, the game is buggy, and it's simply not fun.
  10. Black screen
    rachael lory
    I was so excited to play this game then I open it, the title pops up then I get a black screen with a white arrow in the upper left hand corner. One time I actually got to see a tree with glowing balls, then back to a blank screen. I can't believe I just wasted 4.99 on this but honestly what makes it so much worst is that I had high hopes for this game and couldn't wait to play it. Please, pleaseee fix this problem I see that I'm not the only one experiencing this.
  11. Black screen
    Nia Williams
    I love this game and was very excited to play it. I have played this on the computer multiple times and have always had fun, but now that I try it on my phone, all I get is a black screen with a pointless white arrow. I payed 5 dollars and am very disappointed that I cannot play it. DO NOT BUY UNLESS ON COMPUTER! UPDATE: update on game fixed issues. Buy on phone!
  12. Hangs when loading game.
    Sam Toossi
    Hangw most of times on note 4, and when it does start, its ridiculously slow..should include a performance setting for high resolution devices. It fails to start on my Note 2014 10.1 as well, throws Package Helper error
  13. I. Love. This. Game.
    Lisa Lobbezoo
    I have played this on the PC. But I'm so glad to have found that it's here on android finally!! Well worth the money! It's a beautiful game and it works wonderfully on my galaxy note 3! Thank you!!!
  14. Won't work
    Abdiel Atherley
    It seems I cannot even download this game now but when I did first buy it, it did download, but would open in black screen first. I'd have to close it first before it would work and it always kicked off my sd card, how does that even happen? No other app I've downloaded ever did that. It was less than $1 when I bought it so I was lucky there, I'll just have to cut that loss.
  15. Well its very pretty
    Jeffrey Michaud
    Seems to have some major performance issues especially on the nexus 7. Stutters all the time and things that require dragging often don't trigger properly
  16. Black/blank screen
    Jess Pandolfo
    I've been experiencing the "blank screen" issue that everyone seems to be complaining about. I noticed that you guys noted that the recent update was supposed to fix this exact issue. Clearly it has not. I've tried clearing the cache, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game several time and nothing seems to be resolving this. As you can imagine this is a pretty pricey game and it's very frustrating to not be able to play after spending $4.99. Please fix this asap, I just want to play!
  17. No sense
    Todd Parker
    A waste of money because games are about progress so there is enjoyment. When getting stuck is so natural and touch response is so very fickle, not knowing what to do next means no progress is made. A game based on touch interaction to change the environment, only the touch is random and unresponsive...This is why it is very difficult to progress and no progress equals no ability to explore the game I just bought...
  18. Love the game... now unplayable on note4
    Ryan Denniston
    I love this game and hate to give it one star... after the last update I noticed I can no longer play on note4... game sits on blank screen and doesn't play! Please fix, I want to play again! I will give it 5 stars when fixed
  19. Beautiful
    Niki Martin
    I am in love with this game! The visuals, the quirky music - beautifully done! The game can be frustrating at times having to go back and forth, but that adds to its charm in a weird way . I am about to look and see if the creators have anything else I can play because if it is anything like this I am in for a real treat! (That was very corny, I know!)
  20. A treat for the senses...! Breaks the mold of videogames.
    Babbi Rios
    From the makers of Machinarium, comes yet another captivating little game that cements Amanita Design's status as masters of unique game making, storytelling and visual design. Journey to a world beyond imagination where a blend of insects and living flora are at the blink of oblivion and rely only on five unlikely heroes to travel visually astounding environments that you just have to stop and marvel, accompanied by enchanting sound effects and music that draws you in more & more. Puzzling & Inspiring.


What`s new

* simplified singing birds puzzle in part 3

* fixed storage permission dialog and extension file downloader on Android 6 and later
* if you still experience black screen after game start please try to uninstall, device restart and re-install

* video crash / video black screen fix
--= Samorost 3 is out now on Google Play! =--