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  1. Save data lost
    Classy Wolf
    Developers should stop copying and pasting code from the Internet and actually learn to code themselves , you can't just make everyone lose save data like this.
  2. Update killed progress
    Matt Kellner
    Yup, just like a bunch of other folks here, lost all my progress when the game updated. Seems everyone is doing that these days. Sigh. Uninstalled.
  3. Great game, but the update...
    A Loulaa
    The update served no purpose but to delete my hours spent having fun. This game is fun, but I unfortunately have no interest in spending time to reach the same place I was earlier. Sadly, uninstalled.
  4. Jacob Slack
    It's a fun time waster, but there is a weird glitch that keeps happening. I'm running down the street and suddenly the screen flashes to black and suddenly my horde is gone and my speed has dropped. It usually happens during the snow stage. Fix it for a four start rating
  5. Addictive!
    Mic M
    Tricky at first, but once you power up a bit (doesn't take long!) it starts to get really fun. I recommend unlocking Gangnam Zombie early, he earns lots of cash!
  6. Too many bugs and poor design choices
    This game has the most bugs of any android game I've played. Sometimes the screen goes black for no reason. Sometimes you lose your pack of zombies for no reason. Sometimes. It says your going 500mph and you get. Nothing on the screen. And finally when you tell it not to ask you to rate the game again it does it over and over until you do...hope it was worth it armor games...1star.
  7. Freezes at end of chase.
    Catherine Manno
    When I get to the end of a chase it goes to the score screen and freezes. Didn't the first few weeks but does now.
  8. Fun enough game but tired of starting over.
    James Johnson
    The game was fun but I can only start over so many times. Some sort of cloud sync would have helped I'm sure.
  9. Amazing
    Aiden Pryor
    Having loved the game before this I love this one as well... Few glitches here and there but nothing too drastic really looking forward to the next game.
  10. Wow
    the fox HD
    Its so cool but it would be better if the game was updating every week
  11. So what did the update do?
    Christina Koons
    Other then erasing all my progress what did the update do? I was almost maxed out and no I'm playing with the update and see no difference.
  12. Was good, but...
    Austin Bosley
    Was awesome, but a few months ago, it deleted all of my progress. I HAD MAX IN ALL UPGRADES!!!
  13. Can't complain.
    Andre Zavaleta
    I like that it doesn't take too long to get the upgrades and money.
  14. Aidan Jun Yen Maye
    It fun but it Wont let me tap the screen to go down
  15. Amanda Hosp
    I loved this game and was almost maxed out. I updated and lost all of it. Gone. Deleting :(
  16. Kinda awesome!
    Caitlyn Peace
    I really like it! The only thing is the humans run out quickly.
  17. Froze
    Kris G
    I got the achievement Destroyer and immediately the game froze. I changed to a different app and came back and now there's nothing but a black screen. Armor Games, I was a Brute and still running when this occurred. This is AFTER all of my data deleted when you made me install Adobe Air. Wtf?
  18. Won't Grant Achievement
    Brad Pavlacka
    Won't give me the Twitter achievement. Twitter account uses the same email as Google Play account, so that's not the issue.
  19. The bombdiggity
    Jasmine Smith
    This is my favorite game to play when praising the Lord
  20. WTF,
    Krishna Ignatius
    My money,My zombies,My upgrades,all gone.gone.should have never presses the update button. :'( And FYI: I earned my money through hours of playing.Deleted.