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  1. Hate this game now
    Rosina Crowhurst
    Rarely wins since last update, losing interest in playing
  2. Tina Dickinson
    I am unable to play your game...the graphics are all messed up...plesse fix...haven't been able to play for 3 days...other than that I enjoy your game...thank you
  3. Klara Bess
    Was very improved,until TODAY I knew better an I updated EVERY TIME they have u update its lol a new RIGS INVOLVED!
  4. Georgia A. Forshey
    A lot of fun. A lot of different games.
  5. Jeff Montague
    Waste of money! Odds of winning decrease when you buy coins. Stick with the free coins every 4 hours
  6. Bonnie Ackerman
    Bonus round in carnival of cash doesnt trigger even on pay lines????? Wow leave rating or report problem and now losing. I guess they dont really want u to do that. Lost over 100,000 in about 2 hrs. Low bets. Guess I messed up leaving a rating
  7. robert tucker
    I like the game but it has its bad points the game tends to jump from its original stop in which it cheats you out of your winnings then one gets p_____ off I'm a gambler .and like i said i do like the game maybe you can remedy the problem
  8. Slots Bash. The game is slow on downloading.
    Jeanette Thrash
    When you hit stop, it keeps rolling
  9. Emily Stanley
    You DON'T give the players enough POINTS to play the game or when you WIN on a game. Therefore I have to wait WEEKS before I start to play it again because I have to allow my points to build up in order to play. I am seriously thinking about DELETING IT unless this PROBLEM gets fixed!!!!!! I enjoy the game but this is FUSTRATING. Thank You.
  10. Spins?
    Barb Redmond
    player #142461. Wow spinning is CRAZY now on ANDROID! SO FAST! It's ridiculous! Wins are way less now! Used to love this game:( I am sad :(
  11. This game will freeze and RIP you off!
    Nolan Gorney
    Do not play. Looks nice but wolf in sheeps clothing. BEWARE....
  12. Great Slots Games
    Ed Wallum
    It's the only slots game that has remained installed on my phone. The rest: gone!
  13. Fun!
    Thomas Smith
    Lot's of different slot games with different bonuses.
  14. justin torrey
    Crap dont waste your time there r better slots out there
  15. Won't load.
    Shelly Kapoor
    Took so long trying, I gave up.
  16. James Akins
    The games are ok not enough bonus
  17. Good game
    Hannibal Lechter
    I like this game a lot. Runs great on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. Only thing that bothers me is the nagging sale pop-ups every time I go to the game select screen. Once or twice is plenty. Not every time.
  18. Dogs gone wild
    A.marie Kandra
    I don'knowwhat you mean but you won't let me in the games anymore. It keeps telling me that it has stopped.
  19. Louise McGuire
    Not loading crashes. But great when it works roller asking hasn't worked in 5 days
  20. Jane Gorczyca
    It doesn't give you all your winnings!!


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Hello Slots Bash Fans!

Here comes the new Spring Summer version of Slots Bash for you with exciting new contests and games.

Also, we are glad to say that we have fixed some major technical issues and made some important optimizations to improve your game play experience. Thank you for all the support!

Have Fun & Good Luck


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