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  1. Hard but addictive
    Justin Shotton
    The game is very fun, but it's quite difficult. I would suggest implementing different difficulties, where on easy things are slower, and on hard things are faster. The music and controls are great.
  2. Choppy on LG G4
    Angel V.
    This game, along with VVVVVV would probably get a lot more enjoyment from me if they didn't run terribly on the LG G4. Just extremely choppy.
  3. music pls
    Ashley Garcia
    hey terry, can you have music options? i liked the music in super gravitron in intemissions 2. can you have that music?
  4. Fustration Rush
    Moltern Kirby
    I made a youtube video called frustration rush super gravitron wach mah anger anyways, dosent take up space oh and i survived for 8Seconds exactly.
  5. Killer
    Nick New
    Yes its hard , but how long did you last ?
  6. Ridicolusly hard
    tarık kaya
    I am one of the few people who actually finished super hexagon. In my opinion it was the perfect sweet spot of extreme difficulty. This is just too much.. cannot enjoy the game besides the cool music.
  7. I love this.
    Mac Hilliard
    Its a very good game, I love vvvvvv I have beaten it many times. And this is a great addition, but I noticed some audio lag and I wondered if that would be fixed and if it were in the full version. Other than that its awesome! Great job terry.
  8. It's the Super Gravitron on Android and Free
    Adrian Silo
    I played VVVVVV on PC and it is one of the best indie games I have played. The Super Gravitron minigame unlocked by beating the game is tough, and I haven't played VVVVVV in a long while anyway. The touch controls certainly are less precise, but this being a free experience from the maker of VVVVVV is really nice. Now you can take this hard minigame along for free since it's promoting the Android release of VVVVVV. And uh, I did just find out this developer has made more free ports of his older games, cool!
  9. Super meat boy, but with amazing music. Kinda
    reef haddlesey
    Some of the most fun I've had on a phone game. It throws you straight in there, and you have to survive. you bounce up and down uncontrollably, while you control left and right trying to dodge the oncoming squares of death. While this game is hard, just like super meat boy it's only cause ya suck. It feels so rewarding when you beat or come close to your high score. Also it has the best chip tune music EVER. If your thinking of getting this game, stop thinking and get it. You will not regret getting this.
  10. Ellen T.
    Ridiculous, frustrating, annoying, and hard as heck.... I love it. Beautiful graphics and music
  11. I cant see.
    Babih Navih
    I cant see the point of playing the game. Coz your UI is way too fast, timing is impossible just to avoid getting hit by the SUPER FAST boxes. Lowering the speed of the boxes would make to trigger the fun. Plus, there is no goal? Cant even see my score. Sounds, graphics, were cool :) but gameplay? I cant see the point.
  12. Hee
    Crystal Toth
    I love VVVVVV, but I have a strong love/hate relationship with the Gravitron and Super Gravitron. While I adore that this is free and it's a great way to have a little piece of VVVVVV with me at all times, it's REALLY REALLY HARD with these controls. I'm just so much more used to playing with one hand and having the physical feedback of a keyboard or 3DS pad. While it's a great port, it's still inordinately difficult, and that can be both a positive or negative on a user-to-user basis. :)
  13. Only frustrating difficulty
    Sami-Pekka Lehmuskoski
    Too hard to practice getting better. Averaging to 5 seconds a round so gets really repetitive.
  14. Simon Boyes
    You get better at Super Hexagon every time you play but this is too punishing for me. Putting more time into it doesn't seem to pay off! However, it does what it needs to do, which is to advertise the truly excellent VVVVVV. Could we have a standalone "how many times can you navigate Veni Vidi Vici" app, too? ;)
  15. Only one thing could honestly be better
    Bessam Saleh
    I simply adored the original 6V game on the PC and was absolutely ecstatic when I discovered it was now on android with the super gravitron. Of course, it is extremely difficult, but that's just Cavanaghs style I guess. The only thing that could honestly be improved is the choice of music. I'd like it if the player could change which track from 6V they wanted, like popular potpourri, or my favourite, albeit short, track from the game, predestined fate. And why are the seconds divided into only 60 parts!?!?
  16. Brutal and addictive
    Dale Richards
    If you've played VVVVVV (and you should), you'll recognise this as the "Gravitron" room, souped up to maximum difficulty and seemingly endless. I can't say if it's really endless because I haven't survived longer than 7.14 seconds yet! This brutal difficulty is all part of the appeal - most of the time you're frustrated, but as soon as you make some progress you feel like some kind of wizard. Bouncing and dodging geometric shapes reminds me of the 80s classic Wizball, which is no bad thing either.
  17. I wish I could get VVVVVV
    Lilah Bugg
    Saw ONLY 1 WALKTHROUGH for the game OMG SO GOOD but don't have enough money for VVVVVV so I decided why not play this game? Anyways he played a walkthrough for this game too. CANT GET PAST LEVEL 1! FIX THIS! PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME EASIER! WAY TOO FAST!!!! MAKE MAN SLOWER! PLEASE DO AND WILL CHANGE TO 5! PLEASE DO IT OR WILL BE FORCED TO UNINSTALL!
  18. Incredible but not perfect
    The game itself is very fun. It has quick restarts and a great timing mechanic to it: You may be only a few seconds away from a new highscore. Unlike games which are hard by forcing an endurance based mechanic to them. It only takes around a minute to learn all of the starting patterens making a good start skill based. The music is fantastic. The only problem I have is that it does not respond to a button press if my finger has not yet left the other button. I feel this is necessary to allow twitch reaction
  19. could be better
    Paweł Milczek
    There should be left/right steeribg system as in hexagon, this one doesn,t change direction of your movement when adding the other direction while still holding first one. And when will Terry learn that second is usually divided to 100 parts, not 60?...
  20. Fun for about 10 minutes
    Ryan Ebrecht
    I loved it at first but got bored after about 10 minutes. It desperately needs a speed or difficulty setting. When the round only lasts around 5 seconds, it gets repetitive fast.


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