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  1. It's okay
    Jackie Franzi
    It's all right, I think it has too much advertisement. Also all you do is go back and forth with styling the girl there isn't really that much of a story behind it, kinda boring!
  2. Coolsiee
    Lorraine Love DjFleek
    It's a very cool game. Just watch out for the like and dislike meter!!!
  3. It is a fashion game. I love fashion games but not this ome
    Manar Takla
    It tells you where you are going to go so I pick the perfect outfit and they say really rude comments. Every look that I do it says rude comments. I do not recommend this to anyone .
  4. It cool
    Melonie Simpson
    It as many levels BETTER than mkst game with one thing u gotta do over and over AGAIN
  5. kind of cool
    Tamara Dostova
    This game is kind of fun but takes long to dress the people So not lisinin to you people out there . This game is having to many ads. So annoying.
  6. Loved it
    Briana Taveras
    This game is so my style I like how they give u hints and if the first time you didn't get the outfit right you get another chance. Also this involves fashion and BFFs
  7. Love love love love it
    Attonya Moss
    Soooo ....... cool I like it download it share it rate it five stars
  8. Awesome
    Lara Race
    I love it if you get this game you can actually learn a few fashion tips ⌚
  9. Gabrielle Santos
    Good game I just you could choose the hair and also I wish we could have more hints from the start.
  10. Okay
    Chyna Knight
    This game is alright it needs more activity rather than just dressing the girl up. We should be able to like play in every leve(example: the new years party we should be able to dance or date or something like that) but other than that i like it
  11. Boring
    Danni Julian
    Its fun at first but after a while i got really bored and uninstalled it... its not worth ur time
  12. So many ads
    Juliannah Wittcop
    Everytime i end a level its has an ad EVERYTIME!! I wont give this 5 stars until fixed! But over all its a good concept and i like it
  13. Im speechless
    lesley-ann naidoo
    Im really speechless all i can say is da is awesomwo (∩ ω ∩) o ( ^_^ )/~~拜拜
  14. BFF
    Georgiana Abadia
    This is a cool rad game. Sometimes hard to get the 3 Stars, but well worth the fun. And for some reason or other, it quit at the 80's bash. Couldn't go ahead with the next phase. HELP!!
  15. Loved it
    Skylar Link
    This game is awesome but it would be more fun if you got to pick your own outfits
  16. It's so wierd
    gamer girl
    It is unique I have never played a game like this.
  17. Bff high school fashion
    Iona Sasfras
    It is @ great game no problems @t all
  18. Love it
    Lesly Lopez
    It works perfectly fine on my phone I just like it me and my sister can't stop playing this game we just love It so much cause u get to dress them that's why I got it I love it so much I love it
  19. Its OK
    Muthu Mubthiga
    But it is only dress up nothing other whoever want to play dress up just download :-P
  20. It's so fun,but.....
    Arizbeth Bermudez
    It's so fun.I really like it but there is to much ads.Plus the levels are really easy!!! I highly recommend this game!!!!