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العاب فنانه


Reviews 56,816

  1. Its OK I guess
    Angelica Kingstonlee
    You need to rate the app if you want to get higher levels or you have to buy it which is weird because there's a boy in the face paint mode and I'd think most boys don't like butterfly's and for some modes you can't save the picture of the tattoo so please fix these mistakes
  2. You get to choose your freestyle
    Syriah Douglas
    Am i right ladies this game is like over due lol good but one day like just blanked out on me and I did not like that so who likes it but I still loved it nn in MP not my problem
  3. Awesome
    Jewel Bosier
    You get to choose your own on freestyle. That's awesome. I have always wanted to Be a tattoo artist. I am going to do that when i grow up
  4. This game is fun
    Haleigh Ragland
    It has a variety of designs different challenges. I gives you something to do definitely. My favorite , most favorite is freestyle mode. ☺
  5. Amazing
    Natalie Hunt
    Love it so much but to long to download merry Christmas now bit late but how gives a care Because I do not xxx love you jadon
  6. So fun
    Katie Bug
    I love it so much it brings out my inner artist you can do what ever colors and there's so many pictures and colors. And you need no internet so I love to play this game on roadtrips or whenever I play it every day and show my designs to my freinds
  7. Destiny Sims
    I dont like how games are free but you really have to pay to unlock stuff or they beg u to rate them five stars or u can't unlock things.. just saying love the game but FIX IT!!!!!!!!¡!
  8. incedible!
    Ally Thomas
    I absolutely love this app it's the best! It is really good to pass time and right now I'm sick so ya it's really good I just don't like how you have to pay or right a review (Witch I'm doing right now) so anyway you have to pay for more face paint options so I didn't like that but overall it's a good app
  9. Unbelievabley fantastic
    Jags Say
    I loved it so much and if somebody hates it their crazy. This game is awsome
  10. Fun
    Amber Thompson
    Its a really fun game and I like free style mode a lot but I finished all the challenge people in one day please make more challenges other wise great
  11. It's great
    Khadijah Marie
    I let my little brother face paint he didn't want to give me my phone
  12. Cool
    Jaimie Lindholm
    It has 3 thing to do and there is a challenge mode a freestyle mode and face painting mode to it is fun but at time there is really nothing to do so i give it 2 stars
  13. Amazing
    Awadhesh pratap singh
    This game is awesome I love to design and make tattoos with pen this game I love it
  14. Lovin it
    margot sanders
    I just made a boy scream in my dreams when I did a freestyle tattoo
  15. Bribery
    Abbie Cowan
    These guys bribed me to rate them 5 stars. They said if I did they would get rid of ads and unlock everything. Good game bad advertising
  16. Talisha tattoo on her back
    Jerrica Mckinney
    This game is very good to me it is like I have one on my back so cool It look like I have on but not true tho but pretty cool game for u an me an others to love my fanes
  17. Great Game
    Malayna Buman
    This game is so fun you have 3 options a challenge mode face paint mode and free style the game is great and enjoyable so worth the time remember this is my opinion get the game to try it out
  18. Pretty fun
    Kirsten King
    This app is fun for coloring. The only thing I want to have is something to create your own designs,but besides that, it is great.
  19. Cool crush
    Sajida Kunwar
    OMG love this game love this game so much because u can en leash yr creativity on tattoos takes a lot of time to download that's a bit lame and not cool but apart from that Yeh live it!
  20. this is awesome
    Aaliyah Grevious
    I never want to stop playing this it very cool every who got it is very lucky and I think everyone should download it every body comments are problem great like mine who every made they thought long and hard anyone who read mine before getting it they'll get quitly and press install and it will never be for goten#1 game in my year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What`s new

- New cute face paint designs for free!
- Gameplay experience enhanced.
- Minor bugs fixed.


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