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Robeson Reeves | Chief Operating Officer at Gamesys

London, United Kingdom |

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  1. Lily Davison
    Win big when game is new then as it progresses wins get fewer. Still a good game with lots of choices.
  2. Junk
    Jon Wilson
    Keeps saying I'm not connected and kicking me out. I have perfect 4G and WiFi. Wish I could give you a worse rating
  3. Star spins slots
    Greg Buggy
    Very entertaining keeps me amused for hours.
  4. Denis Henderson
    Good game but keep freezing up going to have to uninstall sorry
  5. I would love it if a nice woman would come home with me
    Lawrence Gorman
    Big tounge and I leave it up to u to work it out
  6. jaylen sykes
    Don't win much spent lots didn't win much
  7. Terrible bonuses.. All slots have only free spins!
    hollie mello
    Its a good slot game. I have a great phone.. Perfect Wi-Fi.. Freezes up a lot.. I got fustrated, far into the game..spent coins quick now I'm uninstalling.. Oh bonuses are all the same.. Free spins only.. No fun there!!!
  8. Florence Bozanich
    Nothing nothing nothing no free games no lines no bonuses so no WS t to know this bye !
  9. barbara garth
    Pure con, rarely win LUCKY option for bigger prizes forcing you to purchase tokens, devious, was enjoying the game until I realised this, shame.
  10. Sue Gallagher
    Totally on luck and for those of without any it sucks sucks sucks
  11. Not worth the download
    Carla Mckinley
    I have amazing WiFi and Internet and it consistently says it can't connect. Was a waste of a download and all around waste of time. Better off playing My Vegas Slots which is HD and you can actually earn points towards Vegas trips for free. Do not waste your time on this crappy app.
  12. Michael Hayes
    Love all the slots I've played the coins you give allows me to play forever and the fact I don't have to reach 10 levels to get to next slot is an added bonus I'm addicted ill never stop so many sots never boring
  13. Suzan Benefield
    Why comment? You don't care anyway! This and jackpot joy....the 2 WORST paying apps on Google play! No WAY would I buy coins!
  14. c guevara
    I agree, my wifi is excellent and game keeps freezing and says can't connect to server"
  15. Good game
    Marc Reimus
    Tough to know how big/significant y ok ur bet is and how much has been won
  16. Star spin slots - hm!
    Mary Cochrane
    It promises lots of free spins and big wins - still waiting for this. Will reserve my judgement but it better change soon or I will just delete this app...
  17. Kept kicking me off
    Kendra Burse
    Kept saying i had bad internet connection.keeps kocking me off the game. I have excellent connection, uninstalling this game,
  18. Good games
    Skeeter Kickatinalong
    This is a good gaming site. Top graphics, great selection of slots but, as all the others do, they let you win heaps at first and slowly but surely, the wins become more scarce , the further you progress. Still, its worth downloading for the fun of it. You might even win!!!!
  19. Terrible
    Trevor Bond
    Good graphics. Worst payouts I've seen. Not enough bonus coins
  20. Slots are too tight, bonuses are few and far between. other wise
    Bonnie Clark
    Games are fun and addictive. Payoffs need be higher and more frequent. Starts to get frustrating!


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