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бродилки много уровней с приключением


Reviews 115,998

  1. Addictive and challenging
    Nivetha Kannan
    I love to play this game . It is a very challenging game. Finding clues looks simple enough but it turns out to be a bit tricky sometimes. Watch through video helps a great deal when stuck.
  2. Addictive Games!
    Dorothy Tannehill
    I love to play this game... BUT... There is one major problem with it, it needs more levels. None of these games have enough. I gave this game five stars not to bribe you, but to encourage your whole team to keep up the good work and keep the levels coming. Thank You
  3. Lauren Carey
    I loooove these games! Can be tricky at times, but you always have the option of watching the walkthrough video. Keep making these games!
  4. It's good
    Nisahd Sulaiman
    It such a good game but thinks are not good. So far I played 18 levels. And u people not giving any clues about the thinks what is that this and all where ever we click the thinks will get but you should give the name for the materials it so wonderful to play... Thanks......
  5. loved every part of it!!
    Nimrah Siddique
    challenging but not too hard ! just completed its all 18 levels ! A must download!!! the way u have to deal with the challenges ,find the things, grab them in a way to get ur tasks done, find the keys,etc i just loved every part of it..GREAT GAME..going to download its other parts too ;-)
  6. How to ruin a game 101
    Frik du Toit
    A great game utterly ruined by a ridiculous level 14 in which the designers apparently decided to become optometrists rather than testing the player's problem solving skills.
  7. Can you escape adventure
    Rina Nel
    All your games are n pleasure to play I do not easily give comment but you deserve praise Good work
  8. Put a zoom capability .....then 5 stars
    Nikki Edwards
    Without the ability to zoom in on objects. ...those of us who play on phone (I actually have a LG screen phone at that...), cannot see the objects well enough to know what design is even there! I made it to level 13, and I can't go any further due to the microscopic tasks.
  9. Blah
    Joe E
    Puzzles aren't particularly engaging. The most difficulty is in seeing what areas look like they can be visited. Disappointing, but had some fun with it.
  10. Challenging Game
    Thomas Milligan
    This is fun and somewhat addictive. Screens are a little dark and it is sometimes difficult to determine what the tools/devices are, but I enjoyed it.
  11. Loved it
    Cristina Roman
    Very intuitive without being silly or too simple. It's entertaining without being annoying, overall a great game.
  12. Awesome game!
    Carol H
    A fun game that challenges you and make you think. It's a lot more creative and diverse than most games of this type, and the backgrounds are interesting. More levels would make this even better!
  13. Adventure
    Barb Knickerbocker
    I couldn't get pass level 5. The block of colors you have on the floor at the end of the game wouldn't allow me to press and keep the colors on to finish out the game! So I was done at that point. To bad! Needs to be fixed
  14. Amazing gets your mind working!
    michelle fullmer
    Very fun addicting game if you like solving puzzles riddles and mystery this games for you wish there was 1 hint for each level but it was so great passed it in 1 hour moving on to the next MobiGrow can you escape game! Get all of them made by MobiGrow
  15. For the few mini-mind bad raters
    James VanderMeer
    Listen u few that gave bad ratings... who cares where the symbols came from lmao.. grow up! The others.... instructions? Its supposed to be a difficult thinking game! Anyway, great job again to the developers. Great art work and awesome challenge! Keep it up!
  16. Gale Ferguson
    I would give it a 10. If. I. Could. NO PAY! lots say. ....Free! But half way..... yes.... you do have to pay...The game starts off easy. Then gets a little harder. There are ads but not bad at all. I even downloaded one. This is the first game I download. That did not want my money! 18 levels with help. Go for it!
  17. shunnela caesar
    Great game...for those who like intellectual challenges. This is the first of these escape games that makes sense with high relativity of the items found to the way out
  18. Piece of jerk....
    Sushma Singh
    So difficult. ...cant help it stuck on one place ....watching walk through (s) take so much of internet....all these rewiews are total waste......dont install this rubish waste of time
  19. Worst. Boring game. Ever make something better
    Robert Valderama
    Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad game
  20. Very, very nice game
    iskra bratovanova
    Really enjoyable - not very difficult but still requires some skills. I totally liked it. Two major downsides IMHO : first, quite short gameplay (give us more, please); second, no way to examine items in your inventory - so you'd better be careful if just aimlessly clicking around. Overall five star


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