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Matt Ham | Game Designer at Aller Media A/S

Region Hovedstaden, Danmark |

Kevon Skeete | Data Analyst at MovieStarPlanet ApS

London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

ADEYINKA ABDULRAHMAN | Team Lead at MovieStarPlanet ApS

Region Hovedstaden, Danmark |

Lasse Brink | Team Lead at MovieStarPlanet ApS

Region Hovedstaden, Danmark |

Reviews 154,615

  1. Mad VIP
    Madison Lambert
    Not everybody can have a VIP it's totally not fair every cute thing you have is for VIP it's not fair you should be able to let them have it who doesn't have a VIP let the people have it if they don't have a VIP not everybody has the money to have a VIP so not fair. I don't like it that's why I read it before I would rate it a five if we can have if we could have a VIP but I never did it before I was thinking to rate it a3 or a2 it's not fair not everybody has the money I'm sorry but I can't let that happen
  2. Awsome
    Olivia Palmer
    I love it buttttt no longer be able to the first time to get a good to the first time for your account or the first time to the best regards to be a great to get to get back to be a little bit and we are get a great to the time for your time for the first time to be able to the way of a good to the best for the first of a half of a good time to the time to get a great to get back from you can get back in this message in this email to get back from you can get back in this message in this email to get back from you can get back in this message in this email to get back from you can get back in this message in this email to get back from you can get back to the first time to the first time to the first time to the first time to be able and the best to be a few weeks and the best to be in this message in a great weekend and I am not be a good for a your email address and we I☝⌚⌚ 〽〽⚾⚾⛳
  3. Loading takes forever
    Anvika Singh
    Every time I go on the app it takes FOREVER TO LOAD FIX IT THEN I RATE 5 STARS SO WAT U WAITING FOR FIX IT
  4. Bri Shaffer
    Yesterday I bout the $9.99 package and it hasn't showed up on the game yet..I've been waiting for it so I can continue to play and it still isn't there. Please fix this I just started this game recently and I'd love to continue playing.
  5. It's great
    Alice Playz MSP
    I luv this game I play it like I play msp which is everyday and to everyone going on about VIP well they need to make money somehow
  6. So cool
    Mackenna Bartscher
    Boonie planet is nice cuz u get to play as a boonie and go into battle to earn fur coins ect but I suggest that u could make it easyer to get food, soap, and feathers plus crystals. Other wise the graphics are amazing and the game Is awesome
  7. I love but
    Kerry Williams
    It needs more world's ok oh and I'm playing on my mom phone ok BD
  8. Can't chat...?
    Stacy Valdes
    I'll give 1 more star only if you tell me why I can't chat?! It says "You cannot chat." Why??
  9. Awesome you can get all kinds of stuff
    BlackRose RedRose
  10. Love it
    Magical Missy Msp
    I like how there is no ads and you can still talk to your friends on moviestarplanet
  11. Login invalid
    Torey Hinkle
    It will not let me login I clicked new user because I never played any of the other games and I put in a user name and password but it keeps saying invalid password or invalid user name . How am I supposed to login?
  12. Gotta get this
    Danniel Bridgland
    So good I luv it but it uses Internet witch kinda sucks but it is a great game
  13. Loved it
    Rameez Ayub
    how u are vip is that if you are a vip on moviestarplanet so i don't really mind about not being vip
  14. Cute but not fair
    Dave Pyne
    I don't have Cute stuff and that's a problem plz fix
  15. It's Fine
    Terry Reed
    04/07/15 could be better but its fun, but the game always glitches and takes FOREVER to load all the way.
  16. I love it but it keeps blocking texts
    Angel Smith
    I could say "hey" and they would show it as "###" and my friend couldn't understand me when I said "thank you" and the game showed it as "#########". Really?! And whenever i add someone it says they lost a connection. Then when i try to log back in it says Im logged in somewhere else. And finally why cant we earn diamonds without paying?! I havent spend even one diamond because i want to hatch my epic boonie. Why does it cost diamonds to hatch it?! Please fix this for 5 stars I really love this game
  17. Awesome
    Mike Birtch
    But I hate how you can't be peoples boyfriend or girlfridnd or best friends, and I dont like the start
  18. Freya
    gary tyers
    Its an awesome game but it doesn't let you talk
  19. Ssssssssssscccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! SCREAMING
    Megan Clarke
    so good everything is just Awesome I love it:-) Lol
  20. Love it
    Aranis Rios
    I love this fun and cute game you guys have too get it


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