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  1. Fantastic
    Billy Baxter
    The mechanics are phenomenal the guns look great but I wanted to know can you guys make a civil war one with muskets, Granado bombs, blunderbusses and flintlock pistols?
  2. Fantastic
    Brandonjr Jaramillo
    Hey this is beast game and all but no offense do more reaserch man on ww2 guns like the Lee Enfeild,Bren Lmg , Trench Gun,Arkiska japanes guns more Soviet for example mosin negat ppsh 42 torvek 44 or svt 40 American guns like grease gun or what ever just more please just a helping please or m2 browning add them all and it will be 5*'s and also i think its my phone cause on my old phone the flashed worked can u try to fix it its a samsung galaxy avant and also on vol 2
  3. UPDATE 10-24-14
    johnnie stewart
    Bring on more of those guns it Would also be Nice to see Shot Counters on all of the Weapons just to see just how Many Rounds that have been fired jammed ETC ' totally love the game though its absolutely the best Sim out there Bar None for the price
  4. amazing...
    Daniel Roque
    I absolutely love this app. I love WWII weaponry. the only thing that I would like would be more shotguns and Japanese weapons
  5. Good but has some issues
    Tanker Hopkins
    Everything about the app is great except for one thing, that the settings will not allow me to enable save the flash and smoke fx settings. I'm using a HTC One M8 2014
  6. Very nice
    My only issue is that when I shoot, my phones camera light comes on and won't turn off until I exit that weapon. I'm using an LG G2 and it might be because of the new Lollipop 5.0 update but I can't find a way to shut off this feature, anyone know how?
  7. Great app!
    Otto Bomb
    Best gun Sim out there. Can we please get a shot counter? I want to know how many times each gun has been fired, jammed, etc.
  8. Absolutely amazing!
    This app is truly incredible and well worth a measly dollar! This is a quality app, made with consistent attention to detail in mind. The guns themselves are HD quality images with MANY smoothly and extremely realistically functioning parts. The only thing you can't do is disassemble them lol! The sounds are equally impressive. Put on a pair of quality headphones and you'll feel like you're at the range! If you're on the fence in regard to purchasing this app, don't hesitate. You won't regret it! ☆☆☆☆☆
  9. Best gun sim out there!!
    Steve W
    Oranginal plan does it again! And as a WW2 buff this is just the best and most logical step. Can't wait to see whats next! Keep it up! Btw love the M1 Garand.....awesome sound!!! MG42 and BAR please! :))
  10. Fantastic Sound And Action.
    Jason McLaren
    Realistic!!! Even to the point of getting nervous over jams and overheating in the face of hordes of soviet infantry... Loads of quality entertainment. Best sim on the market!
  11. More Russian
    Jerry McMillen
    Good fun, lots of detail, but sorely lacking in quantity of guns. Don't need them all, just the big ones. Mosin Nagant, anyone? Tokarev TT-33? Nambu pistol? Arisaka? M1.30 Carbine? These additions will get 5 stars. ------ Well, they added several of those, so 5 stars, it is. Still, more would be cooler.
  12. Ethan Duckworth
    I freaking love it but kinda upset that there's no m1903 Springfield, Lee Enfield, Arisaka or even the nambu. In next update please try and put them in
  13. Pretty amazing
    Andy Clarke
    This app is awesome but how about adding Italian weapons like Beretta m38 sub machine gun?
  14. Great game
    Harley Magner
    I would like a few more weapons and I really want them to answer my email but a great game
  15. Needs Update
    Ryan Elvy
    If you have the mg 42 and the m1919. You should have more mgs. Also the m1219 is a good gun in bo2 origins.
  16. Andrew Dixon
    Great app for those that want need or know the firing controls to some of our greatest light artillery of there time
  17. Great
    Willis Airsoft
    Only problem M2 needs slowed down and made to have more of a thump sound when fired
  18. Great app!
    Lazlo Pundzak
    Love this app! Its so realistic and smooth. Some more weapons should be added, like Type 99 and DP28.
  19. Great, but we need more update
    Tùng Lê
    We got German guns, British guns, US guns, USSR guns, only Japanese guns left to update, please release those updates...
  20. Keep the guns coming.
    I'd really like to see more updates to this app. The M1897 Trench Gun, the Arisaka Type 99, and the M1917 Revolver are just a few suggestions. I'd also like to see more apps from you guys. I'd definitely buy a Western Weaphones App with guns like the Colt Single Action Army and the 1873 Winchester.


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