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Adas Griškevičius | game studio producer

Lithuania |

Simonas Grigalaitis | Game Developer at Pepi Play

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indre selenyte | creative director and co-founder of PEPIPLAY

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Indre Selenyte | PePi Play

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  1. celia anglin
    I've bought all the Pepi Play games, and they are well worth the money
  2. Good game
    Maya Darley
    Love it for my little cousin he loves this game :)
  3. What happened?
    Joseph Lerma
    I recently updated to android lollipop. Your apps bath, doctor, and tree were automatically uninstalled and says unknown error code during app installation when i try to reinstall. I paid for these apps and now i can't use them. Fix.
  4. The BEST Apps for Kids
    Karla G
    I've bought my niece all the Pepi Play games, and they are well worth the money. Beautifully designed, adorable soundtracks, and very enjoyable for kids. Extremely professional. Thank you so much! Hope to see more from you soon, so I can keep buying!
  5. Not working :(
    Bella Harper
    Not working properly on my galaxy tab 3, just stays as a black screen with the music in the background.
  6. Hi guys
    Azzam Ahmad
    Please download this brothers love this game you know
  7. As expected
    NiTiN Patil
    All pepi apps are daughter loves them all .♥
  8. If I could give even thousands of minus star I would
    Maria Jose Morales Barbosa
    I have had pepi for a while, but I am having a lot of issues, the app creator or sellers don't even dije problem I have had Pepi for while. But I have issues with it lately. I gets stuck, and keeps suggesting to buy I PAID FOR THE APP ALREADY! !!!!!!!! The app itself is driving me crazy! I sent a feedback and the creators or sellers seems not to care about it. It's just a 1.99 but still you pay! The app gets worst! !! And in the end you might have to rebuy it????? Sucks!!!!oh when you try to give then a
  9. Mason
    Mason Crochet
    Like it. This is a good apps for your child.
  10. Cute
    Meghan Snyder
    This is a cute game that entertains my 2.5 year old daughter.
  11. Terrible
    Frank nal
    Very limited and was not given the option for a refund. Doesn't seem to work with lollipop.
  12. error
    Ivan Dovica
    stoped working after upgrade to android 5, otherwise great
  13. My daughter loves this
    Abigail Hernandez
    She loves this one and Pepi tree
  14. Shows kids great hygiene.
    Shannon Novoa
    Jamie Spargo avatar image
    Jamie Spargo September 6, 2013
    Disappointing Two year old loved the lite version, so I bought the full. I am disappointed in the full bc of the bathroom part. I try not to encourage my kid to play pooping games. Not what I expected.
  15. My daughter LOVES it
    Nico Hormazábal
    Great game, my 3yr old daughter loves it, she enjoys each activity and experiments with every object from each scenario.
  16. Daughter loves it
    Drew Bradstock
    Great music and lots of fun actions to try My daughter loves playing it.
  17. Beautiful
    Daniel Sedlacek
    this app deserves 6 stars! my 2.5y old boy loves it.
  18. My grandson loves it!
    yud ros
    This is an excellent game for toddlers. It makes personal hygiene a friendly and funny part of every child 's life. I love it too.
  19. My Toddler Loves This :)
    Triniti Corbin
    One of the few good TODDLER apps there is. No issues. No hassle. Great for getting my daughter ready for bed.
  20. Great Kids App with lots of polish!
    Tim Yonker
    It's pretty hard to find kids games with such a nice presentation. There are a lot of fun kids games out there that just look and feel terrible. This one is an exception. My kids love all the activities, and there are several things to do in each. One issue I had is that the washing machine button wouldn't start no matter how many times I would back out and try. I had to kill the app in order to fix it. I bought this one and the tree game, and I hope to see more pepi games in the future.


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