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Damien Dessagne | Cofounder & CTO of Voodoo

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Alexandre Yazdi | Co Founder - Voodoo (Quiz Run)

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Max Friefeld | CEO of Voodoo Manufacturing

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Jonathan Schwartz | Co-Founder & CPO at Voodoo Manufacturing

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Reviews 22,623

  1. Ugh
    Lauren Bailey
    Brought premium but it hasnt registered that i have!!
  2. Fun Game
    LeTasha Roach
    If it would stop kicking me out and taking my coins and tickets it would be better. If it is fixed it will definitely get 5 stars from me!!
  3. Fun game
    Anne Mathias
    You would be surprised at the bits of trivia you can remember!
  4. Constantly being asked to upgrade
    Amanda Root
    If it wasn't for that it would be great. I don't want to upgrade so stop asking me every 10 seconds :/
  5. Doesn't work
    THE Animated SERIES
    I have a galaxy 4 tab, but still this game never loads,I recommend not downloading it
  6. donna corbould
    Won't load on my Samsung galaxy tab 4
  7. Quiz run
    clare Brown
    Brilliant game,thought it was going to your typical quiz game.but how wrong was I.
  8. I love it
    Shaunda Owens
    I love it because it has so many questions and I love that
  9. Too repititious
    Tim Kilkka
    Once you go through the questions enough times (50 games), you've pretty much went through ALL the questions. Then all you have to do is remember them, not too hard, and you end up winning all the time. But only 1 out of 10 players in the verses section actually play. The rest just take up space as you wait for their response. Maybe they got fed up with the game too!?!?
  10. Sometimes it crashes.
    Jenny N
    It's an enjoyable game, however I've recently been experiencing screen freezes. It's really frustrating because I couldn't get back on to it until a couple of days had past.
  11. Fun and addictive
    Shelley Thompson VanCleave
    I really like this quiz game. A lot of fun and plenty of challenges. There are plenty of chances to play without needing to wait or buy extra plays
  12. Awesome
    Nattie Belcher
    It always makes me feel good about myself
  13. Asia Wilson
    Its OK because you have to pay to customize your avatar
  14. Addictive and Very Entertaining
    Heather Sanders
    The wide array of questions makes this one of my favorite Trivia Games. Also, the entire layout and setup of Quiz Run is really interesting and fun, and it is unlike any other Trivia Game I've played.
  15. Awesome game
    Patrick Reum
    This game is awesome I win every time
  16. Scoring is screwy.
    Willie Cormier
    The only probably with this fun game is the scoring. It seems completely arbitrary. You win and gain two trophies. You win again and gain one or three. You lose once and they take 12. Or 8. Or 4. Then that score doesn't even calculate correctly on the boards.
  17. Great Game!!!!
    Im always stuck on playing this game all day fun and exciting 5 stars!!!!!!
  18. Parfait
    Ori Zon
    Chouette question nombreuse et diverse, on adore
  19. The app is amazing
    Sumitra Hazra
    I just loved it. I could even chat with friends. Like Fairai. Even if it hangs sometimes. I don't care anymore. I could chat in the friend list.Amazing type of quizzes every time. It gives an notification to you about to come and play the quiz with different opponents. It's 1000 billion times better than superbuzzer. I just loved it very much from the content of my heart . It is my good opportunity that I got this game . It is fantastic. ( RATED FROM SOUMILI HAZRA )
  20. Amazing
    Izzy Harding
    I like it but to many ads


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