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  1. Passes the time
    Joanne Davidson
    Its an ok game....need some more topics....gets a bit repetitive....and maybe less sport questions...also music film and TV questions are so American based....half of the music questions whether that be songs or people....I've never heard of...same goes for TV shows
  2. Winning
    John Shumway
    I think I'm climbing the ranks quick. I like this game
  3. Not a 5 star rating
    Makayla Folkes
    I just put 5 stars so I could get free coins tbh
  4. Addictive
    Latisha Hager
    Best trivia game ever, and getting better!
  5. Eh
    Leyann Abdelfattah
    I like the game, I'm just doing this for the coins. If I didn't do it for the coins it would be a three. The games too easy
  6. Cant wait
    Makayla Taylor
    Reading all the postive comments i think im going to love tbe game and why dont you leave a comment instead of doing it for the coins
  7. My rating
    Karen Kaplan
    I liked how they gave lots of tickets, but not how they gave u so little money
  8. Upset at update 06/2015
    Rebecca Kelley
    They charge tickets just for playing in versus mode...and not just 1 a person, but 1 a round!!! They didn't use too :( absolutely hate they take 12 trophies for a loss but give only up to 6 (1 or 2 each win normally!))
  9. Just love this game.
    Count Vertigo
    Big fan of this game. Had it installed a few days back on my iPad and it was great , the ticket max count had increased making it more fun to play. However now on my android device I have installed using a new account and I am back with just the 3 max tickets, can any developer explain why so?
  10. Ok
    Jasiyah Lewis
    Why wen im on my last few second the words an answer pop up do late
  11. I love this game
    Megan Fabac
    I have only had the app for a short time but have seen no bugs in the system.
  12. Vickie Juan
    Love playing but freezes. Fix bugs and I will give five stars.
  13. I love the game
    Tina Gaines
    The few complaints I have is that the game freezes at times costing coins and that people u play against in Versus should be forfeited if game is not played within 3 to 5 days and removed from the waiting or nudge list
  14. Sheree Wellington
    Fast paced quiz game. Keeps u on ur toes
  15. Angelica Soekamto
    This game is so fun and I really like this game... Hehehe
  16. Matt Oehlert
    I'd rate this four stars but I don't like the new format
  17. decent game
    Donna Frey
    nice to be able to play with family and friends and even make new friends
  18. Cindy Teliz
    Play this game all the time. I love it!!!
  19. Ouiz run
    Erock Nolan
    It is the best it is like trivia crack
  20. Sux but its good
    Amber dontwanasay
    Like I said... It sux but its good