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primal legends



Eric Diep | Founder at A Thinking Ape

Canada |

Jianqiao Li | Software Engineer at A Thinking Ape

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada |

Geoffrey Gollmer | Software Engineer

British Columbia, Canada |

Dan Udey | Developer at A Thinking Ape

Vancouver, Canada Area |

Reviews 34,765

  1. Great game
    Jacob Potter
    I love the game good work devs keep it up.
  2. Christina Owens
    This is a good game. Takes time and effort. Not for cry babies and drama queens. I recommend you be no older than 16 to play because some groups talk really adult like.
  3. Not to happy with the drops
    Roy Gustafson
    I spend a lot of money on this game and it don't drop items to much for me. Been playing for over 3 years and I am playing less
  4. Christopher Cox
    I've been at it for almost 3 years now and I still don't want to put this game down
  5. Austin Haynie
    Love this game I have been playing on and off for about four years and just can't stop
  6. Maina
    Maina Kinyua Macharia
    Fantastic, this update is the best in recent updates, add sound. For android pliz
  7. Good but..
    anita legi
    I have to uninstalled it then reinstall it all over again every time I'm warring coz can't see the opponent! but over all its good n so addictive n in love with this game!
  8. It's gotten a lot better
    Gurista Ex
    Ive recently started playing again after a very long break. Things have improved a lot, I like the events a few more epic battles would be nice though
  9. Sahil Khaneja
    This game has turned into a havoc . It used to be a nice game but now this is pay2pla game . Don't waste time in this game. And their is no graphics in this game as well. Better play c.o.c or goodgamempire
  10. So far
    Patrick Jackman
    A lot of these type games I can play good in the beginning but once it gets to the point where it takes me forever to get the next thing I need I loose interest. We'll see.
  11. Awesome game
    Nicholas Williams
    I loved every aspect of the game. Only issue i have is my brothers played n im baned cause of to many acc. :( so now im sad
  12. OK then
    Andreas Mastorakis
    You say it's a "pay to win" game. What is "win", exactly? Ranking #1 on the leaderboards or having fun? If you think it's the first, too bad, you got to pay. You say "events suck". Oh, really? Events are a way to earn what you should've paid for for free. Great job devs and thanks for this awesome game!!! (and I have not spent even a single $ to enjoy it)
  13. Kingdoms at War
    Jeff Campfield
    There were the 3 quest. I selected the first one,sends soldiers to mountains to extract gems. Did not see any troops go out but, I mastered it. Same with the other 2 quest. Not impressed
  14. P2W
    Eric Holloway
    more p2w content added. U can dominate if u got the cash. If u spend enuff u can be vip, then the devs look the other way when u run bots.
  15. Great Game Fun to Play
    Umar Khalid
    Been playing this for quite a long time now played on and off, the best thing about this game is that there's always something to keep your attention may it be the season wars the new wars the new event the items of the past event these countless things are part and parcel of enjoying Kingdoms at War, as for improvements I think you need to make a event where the rewards have something to do with a certain enemy from the epic battles eg Apherium, all in all Kingdoms at War is a fantastic game
  16. Best game there is
    Kazuya Hashimoto
    Best game there is. Very addicting also, but you might be confused at first, so be sure to ask for help in world chat. Or even reading a few forum guides, there's more to the game than meets the eye also, there's also many complicated strategic things, (for example a reset bomb set up to make an enemy lose gold) there's also scheduled official wars, clan wars, off system wars, war clans, epic battle clans, events every once in a while. Contact me for help: NEO-_kkaazzuuyyaa_-NEO
  17. Every things changed
    JOHN Rowntree
    It used to be level 2 castle to unlock the mage now it's level 3 it's really hard now I carnt upgrade my banner and equipment even new people are bigger then me when thay first joined devs KAW IS A DICK NOW
  18. KAW
    Nathan Ross
    This game has brought me back multiple time after deleting my accounts. It is so addictive. But it is so expensive to get real powerful
  19. Donovan Canada
    Pretty fun game so far. Never played anything like it but so far so good
  20. joe w
    Ummm I'm addicted period. This is a great highly addictive game! Thanks devs your the best! Sorry you have to deal with so many haters all day


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