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  1. LG Flex User
    KradLegna Williams
    I love this game it works really well no freezing or anything. The only thing I dont like is having to wait for someone to help me move to the next level since noone on facebook plays this game, they need to come up with another solution like a quiz or something other than that it will have gave it 5 stars..
  2. Cute game
    Maria Kottwitz
    Just started game. So far pretty good. Has adds but not that annoying banner so it is livable.
  3. Addicting game but....
    Kirstine martin
    The gameplay itself is truly addicting and is the only reason I have given a 5 star rating as i used the in-app purchase option twice which came to £8 together and would have given me 32,000 coins, however i never received any coins which is very disappointing. Due to that i would have given the game a low star rate and bad review, but because the game is addicting i have given it the 5 stars but i will give a warning to new or potential players to be careful with the in-app purchasing option.
  4. Jean's Boutique Friends
    Isabella Pereira
    It's ok but I wish the customers that I serve every day would give me clues to their measurements of sizing of the clothing they will need from my boutique that way everyone would get serviced really quickly in my boutique! Oh and a few more things I really need to mention about the game! 1 I really wish that Jean would move a little quicker to serve the customers! 2 I wish that the customers wouldn't lose their patience so quickly! 3 I would really like it if u could speed up the cleaning process a little bit more quicker with the mirror and the changing room! 4 I really would appreciate it if the things in the game wasn't so expensive to upgrade everything in the boutique! Oh another 2 that I almost forgot to mention along with everything else I have mentioned! I don't like it when I can't have access to the other stages in the game! Anyway i also don't want to play as a guest I want to log in to my login! Do you think u can make a pet game a little something like this??? If you can do that I will give you a 5 star rating!
  5. Jean's Boutique
    Sherrie M
    Game depends on Facebook and "nickel and diming" the players for money thruout the game. U must have "lives" to play and have to ask for help from FB friends or buy lives with 3,000 game coins. Even if u reach expert on each level, u still haven't earned 3,000 coins to keep playing.The only reason I rated the game is because of the 1,000 coins the developer bribes u with for rating it - so I could keep playing. Coins last for 1 level. U have to keep paying to keep playing. Avoid this game - not worth it!!
  6. Ellie Royales
    I so loved it , it didn't stop or hang when im playing kaso sana mas maikli lng ung oras na kailangan pra mkaipon ng heart
  7. Thumbs up
    James Fx
    Game is fun and fast paced. Im not sure how many levels ill get to play for free but so far played five levels.
  8. Love it
    Debbie Temple
    I love this game so freaking much ! I playing for the fun of it & its enjoyable !!
  9. Like it
    Destiny Avant
    The game is cute. I wish there were more options for clothes on the rack. Or another sales strategy. I do like it though.
  10. Tiffany Andrews
    Abit confusing to start with, as not very clear how to play. Very realistic in that the customers arent very patient!
  11. Really?
    Caitlin Powell
    Super awesome game, but is locked by the 3rd building. Something that involves Facebook. NOT EVERYONE HAS A FACEBOOK PAGE! I'm too young for Facebook, so I can't play! Ugh. Unless you have friends on Facebook, don't download it.
  12. Cheron Baugh
    I love this game ,the only thing that would make this game the best is if you gave us more lives so with that being said great game!!!!
  13. Time management
    Adrianna Comito
    This is a wonderful time management fashion game. It reminds me of games I have bought from big fish games in the past. Definitely worth playing.
  14. Jeans boutique
    Sarah Johnstone
    Good game luv playin it would b gd if there was more stages 2 play on n if u hd more lifes 2 play wit also apart from that gd game
  15. Liked it
    Leigh Ann Spangler
    Need more lives to play longer. And to have to buy your way to the following level is a bit extreme. Maybe a bit less money please.
  16. Best game ever !!
    noor fatima
    I love playing it and I never get bored of it ♥♡♥♡
  17. Sherline Francois
    Love the game very much can't stop playing it..I was hoping can u created a three one please and thank u.
  18. love it could be better
    inez felder
    should have an option to watch a video or something to get an extra life other then that very well made game
  19. Working very well
    Marykaye Visaya
    I hope we can do designs for the boutique and have Jean to wear new kinds of dress everyday
  20. Shakiraholive
    Shakirah Olive
    This is a nice game not a lot of adds pop up and it works well so far


What`s new

- Optimized game performance for Android 8.0 or later.
- Removed LIVES.
- Changed images.(UI, Popup)
- Fixed minor bugs.

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