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Monthly active users estimation: 300,000


Flávio Miyamaru | Partner CEO at Tapps Games

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Renato Lochetti | Product Manager at Tapps Games, CSPO

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil |

Bruno Barbosa Ramalho | Game Designer

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Epaminondas Neto | Game Designer at Tapps Games

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Reviews 95,585

  1. How to do more things
    Aggie Keenan
    Ermm on cow evaluation there`s a alien ciw world so ime hoping there`s one on this game too so ya thx for reading my coment
  2. Wow.
    Clawed Gaming
    I spent months working on this app, and now, all of my progress? Deleted. I spent at least ten dollars in this game, and now, it reastarts itself. I have all my money, but now, there is no way for me to even buy giraffes because I have to buy the first upgrade to finish the tutorial, which I already have, so now I just can't play. Thanks for stealing my money.
  3. Surprisingly fun
    Amber Carl
    As someone else described, the game is very stupid but pretty fun and enjoyable . It is very easy to play in short bursts or longer lengths of time.
  4. Mabey add more upgrades...
    l Zerxzyz l
    Great game but very little upgrades that don't cost real money, add more and I would say 5 star by far
  5. Lori Brehme
    This game is absolutely stupid but addicting I can't seem to put it down. The drop rate for diamonds is also impressive which really help with advancing with the game. Only problem I spent diamonds so boxes would drop faster and the drop rate didn't change.
  6. Ridiculously addicting
    Heather Misko
    Fun game, addicting! I don't like that the mars world doesn't accumulate rubies while you're not playing though. Seems like it takes forever to get anywhere, unlike with the cows version.
  7. The F.
    Chanel Pate
    I love these kind of games; free, fun, addictive. What I don't like is spending countless hours on a game, solely for all my achievements to be erased. Especially within a matter of hours. Not days, not weeks! 2 hours. Everything is gone. No bueno.
  8. Cuteness
    Teffany Bond
    I am reluctant to admit how addicting this game is, but I think I like it too much already. I appreciate that they don't hound you for real money constantly. Alot of things in the market are accessible through the poo you get from the giraffes. Thanks for the great game :)
  9. Miracle
    Sam McCrary
    This app is amazing it cured my cancer and saved my grandma from being run over by a garbage truck. I'm not sure how but the girrafes come to life and help me. They stopped a robbery yesterday at a convinience store, but only because we where about to rob it. It also killed IRL sharktapus
  10. So addictive
    Jaco Nortje
    Never thought I would LOVE a game that relies on a giraffe pooping.❤ He he
  11. So fun
    Emma Lark
    It's one of those games that just fills the lul down times... so mindlessly fun! I love it!
  12. Love it
    Lexus Gustafson
    Hey the giraffes are so ugly there is so many and when your bored just click click and click anywhere and more will appear in this stupid clicker game. Lol
  13. Just as fun as cow evolution!
    Monica Gaskin
    Stupid, but addictively fun! I'm hoping to get a tablet soon so I can enjoy all the evolution games!
  14. :-)
    Kenzie Miller
    I loved it it gets a little stupid but it's soooo addicting and honestly I love giraffes and can't wait until I get a new giraffe
  15. Cool
    Emily Smith
    I love it because it is really crazy just like me. It is also very addicting and hard to stop playing.
  16. So stupid, you have to love it!
    Amber Dubois
    Fun game, not much to it. Good time waster.
  17. Loved it!
    Katie Allen
    I loved it and within two days of having it I had millions of coins. If you want an app that wastes time this is what you need. There is one thing I would like to changed. I wish you could take two different giraffes and merge them, so you could branch out with it.
  18. Love it!
    Morgan Prescott
    The only thing I would change about it is the fact that a lot of the stuff costs money with no way to get it without spending real dollars. That's not uncommon though. Great Game! Love it so much!
  19. So stupid I love it
    Danielle Speranzo
    This game is so simple and yet just so much fun. I thought I could beat it in a hour and then they threw in the aliens and I know I'm hooked now.
  20. Ugh
    Nicole Whyte
    I love it but its so simple and pretty stupid.... yet so addicting.... i think i love giraffes


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