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  1. Pocketmine games are great!
    Stacy Hollis
    Both 1 and 2 I have spent countless hours on, and I have loved them both. Diamonds aren't too hard to come by and saving them to buy premium items is pretty easy. Good time waster!
  2. Ciro are you purchasing virtual goods?!!
    Tailor Baye
    Love the game. ⌚ for sure. I would love to be able to change the gear of the pre-loaded characters with the cosmetic gear. Just a suggestion. ☺ Game sometimes gets a bit laggy. Don't know if my end or yours.. Could be mine. But overall good game. Unfortunately I uninstalled PM1. Sorry...pls 4gv
  3. What the crap?
    Brian Fields
    The game cheats you out by laying a vine of obsidian the whole way across the board. This has happened more than once. I don't know how people are getting almost 300m on the daily depth.
  4. Great fun
    Ryan Adamson
    If you liked the last, this ones better. Lots of little things that are better. Like money blocks only take one hit. And the treasure crates don't take durability from your pick.
  5. What Happened???!!!
    Joshawah Mills
    I loved the first pocket mine and also the 2nd game as well. But as of here lately, even after cleaning my phone, the game is freezing up and at times not even loading! This happened shortly after the most recent update, I also have spent money on this game as in how I love the game and its an excellent time killer, please fix the problems and I will continue to be a loyal player and give a 5 star rating, also what happened to extended life???
  6. Addicted
    Lee Bowen
    Since latest update recycling artifacts is hit and miss, tapping them on my phone used to be instant, now can take around 3 minutes to get 60 tapped in to recycle. Tap tap tap and nothing registers. Better than the first with friends leagues and different areas to dig. No need for in game purchases to progress. 5 stars.
  7. Great just a few requests
    Antonio Velazquez
    I've passed every level up to 27 and i loved it, I want the new levels to come out already. Also I don't like the prestige on the hammers cause it takes to long to gather the money and it stops growing by 5 points. And I would request that the worms move faster.
  8. Shenanigans
    Sascha Castle
    I love the game, I really do. But when ruby stash says "jackpot 100 rubies" and I have played that mode about 1000 times and never hit the jackpot it's shenanigans. Fix this please. And please address this with me and I will 5* this game
  9. Lags now
    Alex Weinhold
    I love this game, I played the first for countless hours, but since last update it lags really bad and the loading times are awful, the new tablet mode is nice but it lags something fearce when u play it. Plz fix.
  10. Loading screen sucks
    Karlee Breanna
    Loading screen is toooo slow and laggy and I had a hole crap load of artifacts sent to me and the thing crashed and now I didnt recieve any of the artifacts and the person who sent them, didn't get them back and I just lost out on all of the 13 island artifacts.. >[
  11. I love it!
    Ashley Nelson
    But if you could maybe not charge so much for the pick hits. And what is the premium upgrade that will reset my pick?
  12. Pocket Mine is so addicting!
    Connor Painchaud
    Almost perfect except I would like it if you could play with your friends connecting with Google+
  13. I give it two thumbs up and borrowed another to give it 3
    clifford c
    Been playing this game for a little while and can't seem to stop
  14. Love it but...
    Robert Bastow
    I love the game but since the most recent update the game freezes when I try going in to mine.
  15. amber carroll-fosszno
    I do not like the new layout if you where going to make that type of change at least give the optoin of how many columns to use.I am thinking about uninstalling it
  16. ian frenchi
    Awesome game, super addicting, played for 3 hours the first time I opened it
  17. Tablet mode is unfair
    Jason Nikolic
    If you're on a phone you will never beat the scores of people on tablet. For example they now have 13×300 potential for precious galore and phone is stuck at 7×300. How do you developers plan to address this issue?
  18. Addicting!!
    Drea Aguilar
    Better then most mining games out there lol
  19. Horrible
    Stanley Livingston
    First day it was good make your own characters??? Doesn't work levels?????? I don't like that idea energy ruins it and the next day all my progress is gone
  20. Good game
    Jessica Lawrence
    Has new things from the first one that's cool. Wish you could earn energy packs easily.


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