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ударный отряд котят



Wesley Bao | CEO at Coconut Island Studio

中国 上海市区 |

Bowie Xu | Coconut Island studio for mobile games

中国 上海市区 |

Reviews 66,931

  1. Ok
    Fernando Sousa
    A atualização trouxe mudanças significativas, mas é um bom jogo eu gostei
  2. Previous stats deleted
    Alberto Vaquera
    I had previously bought all the ships and even upgraded them to their max. When I updated the app I saw that not only had I lost my purchase ships but also noticed that some of the basic ships stats had also been removed. Now I have to buy all the upgrades again!! What the meaning of this???
  3. Awesome
    Jacob Sanchez
    This game is awesome and cute u need stradegy to be the best
  4. Crashes every third ad
    Damion Candido
    Constant crashes since update. Cannot turn off notifications so every five minutes get a notification so annoying.
  5. Wow
    Marc Miles
    I sent an Email about an error yesterday and they already fixed it today. Really? Thanks guys. Now I can play again without any problems. Cheers and have a nice day.
  6. Was good
    Nad Nada
    Crashes since update,have to start again from level 1.cats remain but the stats are different :( like previous gadgets but removed
  7. Worth your time!
    Alifuddin Salleh
    The cute kitties makes you want to play more. Difficulties are manageable too.
  8. Great game!
    Ying Xiong
    I like it more than I thought I would. Anymore ads and it would drop a star though.
  9. Fun game!
    George Ordaz
    Playing for an hour and i got hook. Wish it didn't rely on micro transaction. Would have gladly paid for a full version. Also, wished it made its way to xbox one NA. Heard China has this game on the xbox one.
  10. It's really cute!
    Diane Marqueses
    Turns out the force close problem was because of my tab. Sorry about that. Great game! Luv it!
  11. No free fish
    Anne Rodriguez
    Ive downloaded and played the apps for free fishes but i havent received and fish yet. It just tells you to wait but its already been a day and no fishes yet. Please fix ill rate 5 stars after because i love this game.
  12. Pretty fun but...
    Kelso Wales
    What happened? I watched a video for 19 fish and it showed up but when I went to spend them on an ultimate it said insufficient. So I tried buying a regular cat which worked but my fish went down to 3. Wth
  13. Andrew L
    Wish there was a way to transfer data to a new device. Still a great game, looking forward to seeing new games by coconut island
  14. The game is great! Though the update has problems.
    Jeffrey Ozanne
    I decided to play this game after awhile when it updated. My save data was COMPLETELY gone and I had to start from the beginning of the game. I played this game before and I have Google Play achievements to prove this.
  15. Nice
    Yzabelle Butas
    This app was so addictive I play this almost 7 hours playing
  16. Awesome!
    That guy
    But the only ways to get fish, which you NEED to buy cookies, which you NEED to play the actual game, are to either use real money or watch ads. Also, I used the normal cat machine and got over 200 hits, and I got a gadget. Not cool. :(
  17. Yay karratto rocks i love dragon ball and cats yaaaaaay
    Mary Ellen Mclaughlin
    Also it da best u cant beat the kittens because of there extreme cuteness number1 favorite game
  18. Cat Tower Defense
    Tedley Meralus
    Best cat Tower defense game I've ever played ever! Fun, cute and simple to play! Great stuff really! Worth the quick download.
  19. J
    Brandon Guinto
    I'm going with you and me and said he had been the case, it would take to make a decision on this page to send the link. You are here for you, the more likely than a week or next weekend is a very nice and relaxing, the more likely than a week or next weekend is a very nice and relaxing, the more likely than a week or so. The only thing that you can see the world.
    Jedidiah S
    Cute soooooosoosoosososoosososo cute exciting and thrilling of adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not kidding! !!!!!!!!!


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