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  1. Very smooth for low end devices also but,
    Shivam Gupta
    Performance of this game is very well optimized. It uses hardware resources in a very optimized way. But sometimes it do not recognise the touch while playing the game. If this bug is fixed, this is my one of the favourite games.
  2. Rahul Saini
    Touch problem and nothing is wrong with my phone...its gud i play call off duty strike team.. Modern combat...shadowgun...kill shot...all work well...fix this problem... :)
  3. Awesome Game but problems with touch
    Rohan Anerao
    The concept, graphics and overall game is very cool, and that makes it unique too, but there is problem with swipes and touch.(One suggestion: Dev can add optional motion Ctrl to change gravity and optional onscreen joystick). And yes, there are no glitches or frame rate drops at all. Those who are facing it, is due to their hardware limitations. Playing on Nvidia Tegra Note.
  4. This sucks
    Wesson Taylor
    To jump I swipe up like I have to and nothing happens. Lots of other games like this one that actually works. Not worth your time!
  5. cool
    Logan Brawner
    really cool for a running game that doesn't have much popularity, glitchy somtimes
  6. Very bad
    Anandarup Ganguly
    If you played Subway surfer or temple run then you will hate this game. They have messed up the very basic attribute of this game ie touch response. That makes the game go into trash no matter how cool it looks. If you try to slide u have to press hard on ur screen and still it will not response. Waste of time.
  7. Bad
    Shaine Mkhize
    The game itself is really good graphics and all, but the controls feel very sluggish and need some work. Uninstall
  8. Sensativity issue
    Gregg Freeman
    This game used to be good. Now with the updated version the sensativity sucks. There is no option to adjust the sensativity. Hopefully they designers fix this issue.
  9. Sucks
    Jordan Hayes
    Never responds properly so you always die. Just like temple run accept doesn't work
  10. It would be nice if it doesn't lag when jump.
    wall break
    Nice graphics but controls are made by troll and game sucks when the runner won't jump or slide
  11. Good idea but buggy.
    Nick Aguirre
    This game is pretty fun, but there is an issue where it doesn't always register my touch! I lose a LOT because of this! And it's not my device.
  12. Gravity project
    Emerson Carl
    You can't swipe fast enough to over come the obstacles after sector 3 stage 10..uninstalled!
  13. Touch does not work most of the times
    Rajdeep Singh
    Game is fun but touch wont work most of the time and that is very irritating
  14. touch cntrl too bad
    nidheesh k
    good graphics but controls are very bad...not responding most of the times..
  15. Broken Controls
    Zack Argonov
    You can only perform the action you desire when you swipe your character. It should just be when you swipe the screen. This is a game about running, not focusing on touching your character.
  16. Poor response
    Syed Ismael
    This game would be really marvellous if only the swipe worked well. Like seriously..... Even the most hardcore games run smooth and flawless in my mobile. This game with such poor performance does not deserve any stars.
  17. Rahul Nair
    Please fix the movement controls guys,it doesnt respond to swipes sometimes...If you do then its a 5 for me. Hoping for a update soon.
  18. Controls
    Giorgos P
    Game's pretty cool but controls work only 35℅of time FIX
  19. Top notch game but a small problem isssss.....
    Sushil Shrestha
    the swipes sometimes are not accurate. ex, when i swipe right sometimes, instead of changing to right wall, the character jumps.
  20. Awesome but touch problem
    Ric brown
    Its a cool game but I'll tell me to slide to jump and I will but it won't count it in


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