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crx racing drifting
drifting games
snr street drift racing
гонки дрифт
дрифт на машинах
форсаж 6
تفحيط سيارات
دبي درفت
درفت دبي
درفت دبي 2
صب واي مهكره
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Nate Dicken | Founder @ BorderLeap

Blacksburg, Virginia |

Anatoly Scherbak | founder at CarX Technologies

Москва, Россия |

Стас Круподер | Game Designer

Ukraine |

Reviews 248,934

  1. What the heck
    Andrew Raya
    Haha im cracking up i can tell you guys dont test this or havnt on the htc one m8.. because everything was way off when it came to resolutions it took me 10 min to just navigate amd start playing. Then the car was the whole screen couldnt even see the gas and handbrake
  2. Great
    Christian Briseno
    This game is a dream driving controls gives you different options to fit your liking just one thing that I don't like and it seems like the developers of this game like iPhone b/c my brother got the same game and graphics are way better and you can actually customize the cars and everything is way cheaper on there such as the drift style tunes in his game are 3 thousand and on ours it's 70 thousand... Please make our things cheaper please!!!
  3. Jeremy kadimg
    Good cars bad game I hate how fake is it u turn but yea to whole car moves not wheels real im not going to hold the drifting angle off the whole time its what the front wheels and E brake is for
  4. excellent.
    apurv kashyap
    But it is about time u do something about points rewarded . it is quite hard to earn points. Takes away the joy of drifting and makes it a little too competetive . but i must mention this is the best drifting game on android. Addictive
  5. Hamish V Lamatia
    Its a great game but my data was erased such as the cars i had which was the 4th car and the turbo for it all i had left was my coins fix it and i will rate it a 5
  6. Lim Kriss
    Nice game and nice graphic,but the only one thing why I rate you 4 stars…is because, so hard to drift
  7. No exit button
    Other than that it's great. Nice graphics, nice gameplay, nice music. Kinda hard but once you got the hang of it it's still hard but better. Would like a non-drifting mode where the car would turn in more and wasn't so tail-happy. But I like the game. Will play more and return with more opinions.
  8. s3 guy
    Judas Fariu
    Games ok kinda over it ... was w8n sooo long 4 the update only 2 b let down with 1. a hole new difrent bt stl the same game to download ! 2. Cars that suck an track dats ok ! Fix urselves mate ur goin down instead of up !! Deeply dissapointed ....
  9. WARNING !!!
    Levente Kósa
    Don't buy any credits !!!!!!!! After uninstalling or upgrading ur phone it will be lost all your game progress !!! I did it , when I upgraded from S2 to S4. I buyed credit twice to make them rich and get back nothing... Dissgusting thing...
  10. Zac Chin
    Pretty sick game, my favorite game for my HTC one and I just don't like how u can't hear the turbo spool from behind the cr while playing, I know it's ment to be realistic but I love turbo spools and I think they need to be louder. Other than that... Jeez it's perfect. Looking forward for future updates. Good work.
  11. Cool game
    putu dhika
    Best graphics and engine sound... still difficult to controling the car when get drifting... depending on how fast you can driving your car... good . Thanks
  12. Average
    PaRtYpAnTs derp
    Okay this game is good but it needs some tune ups like the prices are ridiculous and the times are hard to beat the only way to get the best cars and second track is to buy gold yeah I get it they want to make money but I want to have fun so please reduce the prices on all cars and tracks
  13. realistic car drifting game !
    bagus chandra
    1. Realistic control (Almost) 2. Cool graphics n engine sound 3. Simple Please add more common drifting car, car tuning/setup, racing parts, and car accesories.. thxs
  14. Almost at 5 stars
    ZaN Malik
    Why? Because the game is awesome...but ide be happy if my in-app purchase worked...but nooo. I paid for coins and nvr got em. So obviously apart from this game having the best physics engine found in the playstore, this game actually also happens to have some problems that can affect gameplay and appreciation of the game itself
  15. Just wow...
    Nicholas JOHNSON
    The game is fantastic, the engine works well, graphics are silky smooth, as close as you can get to an actual drifting sim on your phone. After owning three of the cars in this game ( AE86, R34 and R33) as my racecar's irl the way this game portrays them is quite accurate.... Also OMFG MT PANORAMA!!!?!?! LOVE THIS TRACK AND CARS AND GAME.. Only pitfall is the occasional crashing. It's a must play and I think it's worth donating to them to get more improvements
  16. Are you serious?...
    Cole Enyart
    I just spent around seven or eight dollars on this game yesterday. I woke up this morning with no coins and the stuff I bought is now locked. I expect my money back or give me back the things I bought now..
  17. Best drifting game
    Trevor Pelletier
    People complain its hard because its realistic. This is the best mobile drifting game. If there was a story line or something rather this game would make massive coin. This gameplay tho. Smooth. Pull e brake slide and ease on the gas baby! Drift like a boss!
  18. Legendary but...
    Tyler Hershey
    This is a legendary game but the only thing about it is that it's hard 2 earn points in the game & u have 2 play in order 2 get a lot of points... Otherwise great game but make it easier 2 earn points & by cars & upgrades
  19. Great game:time for improvements
    Mathieu Bryan
    I've given you guys about 10 dollars, amassed every car with every upgrade, both tracks, completed all time attacks with different tunes with different cars,and got like 3 million coins for nothing. Release more cars \ tracks!!! Don't do anything else ! This game is great.
  20. Sten Evisalu
    Nice (Y) BUT, i have some very weird problem, when i enter the game i have error : facebook error: missing app ID. I really would like to know how to fix it, so i hope quick solution. I want to have that 10k :)