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  1. Addicted!
    Dana Norwood
    I play several times a day every day. I mean it's just that good. But it's extremely pricey if you don't like to wait. You can go through a $100 easy if you're not careful. The other thing is the Russian, Ukrainian, and Bosnian players. They have a tendency of being a bit maniacal and brutish, and have garnered a very negative reputation among the majority of players. Avoid them and you'll have a fairly good time playing.
  2. Great game. Worth playing.
    Dimachaerus Gladius
    The only thing that should be changed is the map, because it looks too empty. Some trees, rivers and mountains added on it would be awesome. 5 stars nevertheless and i hope the battle map will be change to match the city graphics. Cheers.
  3. 1 bad point
    Özgün ÖZERK
    I dont want to enter my digit username and password every time... Got to be "keep me signed in" or smt like that. I only play on pc cause of that, please make it easy so i can start playing it on my phone too
  4. So far so good.
    Cody Burgin
    I just reached level 7, it took about 2 hours. I like that everything under 5 minutes is free to fast forward the build time. Not a pay to win like a few others. Will update it in a few days.
  5. Love it
    Robert Wisniewski
    Great time killer. I find myself playing this addictive game everywhere.
  6. Typical android game
    Don Davis
    This is a typical android game, kill, destroy, kill destroy. There are teams in this game but they cannot work together. Communication amongst all players is very poor. You can sell resources for in game money, but you have to spend REAL money to buy resources. In game GOLD is expensive for what little you get.
  7. Great phone game
    Paul Cosentino
    Fun little game for your phone. Something to pass the time. Be wary of wallet warriors
  8. Just great nothing else
    nadeem nizar
    But You got to make alliance leaders able to invite members themselves
  9. Good....
    okki sathya
    Game seru, cocok yg suka dgn permainan strategy
  10. Great Game
    Jose Morales
    Tired of the same clash of clones gameplay? This is very different, immersive, and plain fun. Highly recommended to anyone.
  11. Sean Watson
    Getting peed off with the non update that keeps happening
  12. Fun, easy to play and interesting
    Țenea Victor Cosmin
    Still new but enjoying it so far.
  13. Kings of the Realm
    Kristen Mainard
    Awesome game wish it was on other platforms like Xbox
  14. Freaking AWESOME
    Kaelin Finchum
    Thought it was horrible at first till after the tutorial and i got into it more and more and just fell in love. I see great potential
  15. Bradley Miller
    Best game ever not easy slow play real thought involved
  16. Beautiful game. The battle mode is disappointing...
    Joel Ishler
    I wanted to see the action in the battles. But otherwise, great strategy game.
  17. Ok game
    Susaf NA
    P5 is end game. Developer rarely add new content
  18. Diego felipe
    This game doesn't even let me play
  19. Great game cannot wait for updates and new features!
    Ismael Rais
    Upgrades on pvp tactics and even maybe a conquering system similar to the one of Grepolis another good game. Cannot wait for the updates!
  20. Good game
    Mike Neff
    This is a very well designed game