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George Oommen | Vice President/Technology Business Planning at Etisalat UAE

الإمارات العربية المتحدة |

Mahmoud Al Bannay | Vice President Mobile BroadBand at Etisalat

الإمارات العربية المتحدة |

Mohammad Naeem | Vice President Finance / Chief Financial Officer at Etisalat Afghanistan

Afghanistan |

Amr Zahran | Vice President, IT CRM and Analytics at Etisalat

الإمارات العربية المتحدة |

Reviews 22,806

  1. Lots of privacy issues
    winston billena
    It asks for permissions that are irrelevant to its function - sms, contacts, photos, files, etc. It looks like this is designed to get as much personal info from the subscriber. Whoever wrote the code wants to get to your files and photos.
  2. Useful but terribly made
    Mohammed Khoory
    This application is useful, but is made in such a terrible manner. It is slow, unresponsive, unintuitive, and does not feel like a normal Android application at all.
  3. No remaining talk time
    Mohammad Tarek
    Previously I could check my talk time and the remaining balance, but it is removed now I am not able to check the remaining balance.
  4. Make adjustments! !
    Jermaine Celsius Caligagan
    It will be helpfull if you can see the remaining call time and data on your postpaid and also the plan that you are using.. maybe you don't want it to avoid people checking their talk time and date so you could earn more
  5. It's absolutely not even app
    bahaa omari
    All your online service is disaster..... you needs to do a lot of improvement in all the online service and all your websites ........ im loyal to the company and this app in the day that i wrote this review makes me hate everything about the company ....... contact me if you really care about your customers to explain the issue . Because it's a big one and it's hard to explain it here ............. thankful
  6. Not working good
    Nawal Benzina
    Why it shows me more money on local messages even i'm not sending
  7. Nadia Saqib
    Nothing but useless crap. It is a running add of Etisalat products. It not show me for what I downloaded this app, that is, how much time or data I have consumed.
  8. Privacy issue
    Giri Koni
    Minus 5 stars.Has seriius privacy issue with this app. This app takes unwanted info contacts. Calls. Text. Pictures . Mails Ids. Profile info. What funcionality. Infact this app doesnot need anything except the phone number to be registered.
  9. Nice application
    Mohammed Altalaa
    Can be used to view and pay bills . Check more points and for wed. Offers . Nice
  10. HTC One M9
    Ravi Soni
    Does not work with Lollipop 5.02 dodoeses not let me login full access or individual access
  11. Terrible App
    Mohamed Hamood Lord
    "the Image verification is wrong" it keeps giving me this although I enter the correct one.
  12. I love etisalat
    Rauf Darulaman
    No cheating no combition but have best service
  13. Worst performance
    Abdul Rasheed Anaikar Zakaria
    Most of the time shows wrong information abt payments made and many more times not able to pay. Access permissions to photos and files are unnecessary and so eligible to categorized as malware.
  14. Nice app but...
    Bin Salem Al Breiki
    No link feature between accounts and requires lots of performance improvement
  15. Terrible
    Ant Field
    They are pushing out updates for news and banners, when the core function of the app doesn't work. I still have to drive to pay my bill. Fail.
  16. Not working
    mustafa kiswani
    The app was working great now it stopped working and it's unable to update information fix it pleasee
  17. Vano Vladimirovich
    For those who have black screen problem on program start, ad blockers must be disabled on first run
  18. Awesome
    juno cruz
    Its always good to monitor my usage.
  19. This a simple and nice app
    Muluneh Chekole
    It is easy to use and gives me an on-hand access to recharge my balance.
  20. App is not working
    Dahlia M. Refaat
    Worthless. Cant even chexk my balance.... Please do not offer a service that you dont have.


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