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  1. Quite nice!
    Katherine Gowlett
    This game is quite nice but the thing is that l can't work out how to spend all of my heart rubies on my bears so how am l going to move on ? On the other hand it is quite nice.
  2. Fun!!!
    Dollie Lover
    I think this game is awesome and very fun, but I hate the fact that I can't get anymore bears because I have them all. Please upgrade with more furry friends! Thanks!
  3. FUN!
    Christina Zuvirie
    this game is fun & awsome! only thing is I cant get anymore bears after level 22! other than that lol!
  4. Like it
    Sophie Buckler
    The reason I rated it 4 star was cause I can't complete the bear scout challenge and also think it should be free out her than that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it
  5. Brilliant
    Ellie Dixon
    Amazing i love it best game worth money worth my last name lol not waste money
  6. Doesnt work.Not worth paying it.
    Elvia Gonzalez
    I cant enter the places and it force closes a lot.You guys dont waste your money for this.Please fix this.
  7. Love, love, love it!
    Christine Cowan
    I L-O-V-E love it! Completely worth the money,the only problem is when it looks for resources to download and won't open for a while. But otherwise, You completely rocked it!
  8. Ok.
    Elizabeth Matthews
    I honestly adore this app except for 1 minor setback: I can't get my 2 favourite Build-a-bears on it. I got them this year so I have the modern certificate but they don't have the keycodes to put them onto the app. I may have figured out where the keycodes are, but it's saying 'Incorrect ID number or Keycode.' when they're both correct. Apart from that, best app ever.
  9. Stopped loading
    Katrina Richardson
    I really like this game, and want to give it 5 stars, but a week later it wont load anymore! Galaxy tab 2 7.0
  10. I loved it!
    Sweetie the Bear
    I absolutely love the tasks and I love the bears but I have had the app for 3 days and I am already on level 25 it it won't let me level up or do any more tasks! I can't even get anymore bears! I bought the app because I love Buildabearville which is updated and improved all the time. Unfortunately this app has already lost its story and is getting repetitive. Please make an update soon. At the time it cost $5 but it took $7. If it took more than it was meant to, I would like something creative with hours of endless fun! Again, I have only been playing for 3 days and the game seems to be over. I love the idea of the tasks and I love the bears so I want to do more!
  11. Won't open
    Lauren Perrett
    Very disappointed if it's gets fixed I will rate it 5 but as it doesn't open on a HTC it's just the 1 star
  12. It pretty good
    Eddie Massey
    It's OK I wish that u can go on the train please. My daughter loves the game she said it's the best game ever. So if your not so sure about getting it I would if I were you.
  13. You ha e to complete your missions to get to the next level.
    Montzerrat Gloria
    I love the game but I just wish that when you make the stuffed animal and you put the codes in you get the animal that you have.
  14. Not loading anymore
    sean white
    This app worked fine in America when we returned home it would not load . I've tried reinstalling and clearing the cache but it still doesn't work.
  15. Won't even load!!!
    Millie Huntington
    Would give 0 it won't let me in the game and I keeps saying looking for updates NOT WORTH WASTING MONEY ON
  16. Caitlin Hall
    I love the game but someone please tell me how to get rid of my heart rubies
  17. Angel Burris
    Download the game and it was working fine. Then went back to play it and now it won't even open.. Wasted my money.
  18. Only 26 levels
    Sophia Luna
    I played the whole game and it only stops at level 26 thats it and makes you do the same task over and over again not worth paying for.
  19. Love it!
    Tamzin Powell
    Its amazing I have my own build a bear so I have a code and password it is just amazing
  20. Excellent
    Donna M
    What a great game! My daughter and I love it! She can get as many build a bears as she likes now too! Great job thank you!