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  1. Wow! ...on an Android TV box
    John Werfelmann
    Frankly, I'm shocked. I had low expectations for this game and planned to lose my dollar. However, the reviews seemed good. I loaded on my Nexus Player, and no kidding...this game is excellent. I'm shocked at the depth of the control, amazing driving physics, and the detail of the scenery. This seriously gives the old Xbox360 a run for its money. And, if you are a drift fiend, you will just die for this game. Pull out your dollar now dudes and try this one out.
  2. Left three, over crest, ditch outside.
    Rhys Rutter
    A bare bones simcade racer with enough content to kill plenty of time. However, with no steering deadzone options, floaty tyre physics on tarmac, and AI opponents that will not budge from their racing line, those who aren't Richard Burns may not enjoy this.
  3. Milton Taunoa
    Kool and challenging especially snow racing,just wondering if there's another track on Coast circuit that goes through tunnel?,otherwise replays are awesome and gratifying when you have accomplished your race mission especially the mad air time on jumps.maybe more angle shots for replays be noice bt...on level 35 atm final race krazy car ..( =
  4. A nice cell phone rally racer
    Lonnie King
    Great graphics, great control and great locals. The best rally racer I've played on a mobile phone!
  5. Accurate!
    Mike Parris
    I used to navigate for New Zealand rally driver Rod Millen and this is the closest I've seen a game come to the way a rally car actually handles. Throttle oversteer and burn it out of the corners! Good stuff. I'm addicted.
  6. Love it. But.....
    Chris Buck
    I bought full version bc I've completed the free version. Problem is that this doesn't work on my phone! The free version runs perfectly. Please fix! This is best/most challenging driving game....had for 2 years and still enjoy it. My phone: Samsung sgh-t759, OS 2.3.3
  7. Great game but..
    Luka Berk
    It's a really fun and enjoyable game. It just has one minor flaw but then again it all comes down to personal opinions. Game feels slow. Now I know many people aren't into some hardcore rally racing, but I feel like it should be a bit faster to really feel how fast and tense rally racing is. Other than that is good. Love the selection of cars, gotta put that out there. Keep up the good work devs ;)
  8. Best rally racing app.
    Peter Sutherland
    Have looked around for a really good rally app. This is the one. Realistic turning, oversteer, under steer and opposite lock to correct. Well designed
  9. A great little game.
    Sean Page
    Fun, plenty of challenges and really good graphics. I like this game a lot.
  10. Kevin Cannon
    Absolutely love this game, very addictive when controls working perfectly I'm entranced, the only reason for 4 stars is that controls stop working and this can be frustrating coming into corners in a race trying to over take and my car keeps going straight have to keep tapping screen to get them back, very frustrating cause the race is over when it happens. Other than that it's almost perfect
  11. Dont bother
    Todd S
    5 star game, till the glitches start the green car always locks up the controls. all the cars have the same problem it wont let you steer your car if you if you touch the gas peddle. the steering control bar keeps going to center if you touch the gas. Then you wait for controls to start working game is half over then it works fine till the end of the race.
  12. This is a great racing game.
    Dan Ritz
    Very nice graphics and the car preforms realistically. It is very challenging. Has anyone actually beat the car in the snow? I swear, one slight mistake and you can't win. It is a great game but man, it is very difficult. I only put it down out of frustration, but I keep coming back for more.
  13. Great Game!
    Andrew MacDonald
    This is such a fun little racing game. I think this developer should do the vehicle handling and physics for franchises like GTA and Watch Dogs, especially the latter as the driving sucked and almost ruined the game for me, but some how this game for mobile that costs just over a buck is great! The tracks look nice too. For what you get, a dollar is a pretty good deal. Only thing that could make it better is, well, more tracks and cars! I haven't gotten to far but also it is pretty easy, but still fun!
  14. Realistic
    Lev Zaltsberg
    Uncommonly well executed, high quality work. You will be challenged and perhaps a bit unsettled by the realistic combinations of automobiles, each with a unique set of driving characteristics and progressively increasing difficulty of circuits and automobile performance dynamics. One of the most realistic physics driven games.
  15. Pretty good
    keith nett
    Pocket Rally is a fun little app that is great for the price and offers quite a bit of enjoyment. However, it is far from perfect. First, the cars' handling is HORRIBLE. There is about a 1/2 second delay between the time you press the turn icon and the time it takes for the car to respond. That is a small problem in my opinion, but definitlely needs fixing. Overall, though, Pocket Rally has enormous potential and at $0.99 is unbeatable.
  16. Not bad.
    Pretty decent game. Certainly done much better than other titles I've seen. Physics are okay, though perhaps a bit too loose on tarmac. I don't like how the transmission is forever bogging down on gravel though, most of these cars should have close ratio 5 or 6 speeds. Otherwise pretty entertaining, for now. Not a lot of content or intricate gameplay once you've beaten it though.
  17. Great racer, and a steal at .99
    Mike Smith II
    Wish there was a little more depth as in damage, tuning of cars, track degradation, etc. But the game looks and plays wonderfully, even on my older, lower end phone. Overall fantastic game!
  18. Love it
    Dylan Miah
    This game is almost perfect, there are plenty of levels so you won't get bored easily and there is a good selection of tracks and cars. I only have one criticism which is that tarmac seems to react in a weird way.
  19. Well made but Too hard
    Aaron Walderslade
    I thought it was a great game until I got to half way through, at which point the races were just too difficult and I gave up. Rally should be fun, not frustrating.
  20. I agree with the majority.....
    Chris Bice
    This is fun and sufficiently challenging to keep you trying. I prefer the timed stages over the races as it seems too easy to get past other cars but a minor criticism. I t would be nice if cars sustained damage when hitting walls as it's possible to win even after heavy collisions.


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