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  1. Too simple.
    Kevin Knapp
    2 hours and you've played all there is. Zero story, entire game is grinding for the sake of grinding, "loot" is elementary. On the plus side, the touch controls and integration through menus is a rare example of done right. You will die a few times despite having tapped a potion 6 times and it not activating or not targeting the exact placement, but it is not prevalent enough to detract. While simple, the graphics grow on you. Overall it's a great execution of "for mobile" but as far as game play, eh.
  2. Not shovelware. Great mobile game.
    James Aiello
    Different from Battleheart, but with the same aesthetic and feel of the first game. You'll only ever get person to control, but you can level them how you want by mixing and matching abilities from several interesting class trainers. Fun and lighthearted dialogue is more entertaining than most AAA games.
  3. Fantastic RPG
    Alex Spencer
    This game is just pure awesome, it can be slow at times but that shouldn't be overly off-putting to anyone debating on whether to buy. GET IT NOW!
  4. NG+ (lgg3)
    Daniel Kim
    Best RPG game ever! But does the new game plus not work for only droids?? I can copy it but none of the skills gets carried over. Can u plzz fix it asap? I want to enjoy this game at it's best
  5. DO NOT BUY!
    Don Evans
    If you value your time at all, you will not buy this game. It's ultra addictive. You will find yourself saying "just one more quest..." and then it will be be 2AM. This has happened to me more than once. If you like RPGs, you will get a ton of playtime out of this. There's so much variety, and so many skills to try, that you will get your money's worth times 10. The only downside is that the story is practically non-existent. You probably won't even notice though, because you'll be too busy having FUN. Whether you have only 10 minutes to kill, or two hours, this is your game. I don't usually leave reviews, but I had to this time. Highly recommended, obviously.
  6. Best on android!
    Zaggins Woodsman
    I took some time to come back an re-review this one. Don't think about it, just get it. The hard part will be figuring out how to put it down. My favorite android game so far. Its not just repayable, you'll desire to replay this game and roll new builds. Fun fun.
  7. awesome game, but cloud save please!!!!
    Chad Gruelle
    Great game, but this needs cloud save bad. It is awesome on tablet, but I can't take the game with me on my phone, you get 5 stars when you add this featuer (that EVERY game should have)
  8. help! Doesn't start anymore
    Jean-Seb B.
    Just bough the game, played twice was great but the game doesn't start anymore. It's in a loop at startup. Restarted my phone; same. Plz help!
  9. Excellent but a heater for me.
    Glynner Me
    This makes my phone cook. Charming, pretty and as replayable as I've tried. It could do with more quests and storyline but there's no denying this is the most approachable RPG in the play store.
  10. Amazing
    Kamil Juljanski
    Amazing. The original was basically a showcase of mechanics and was a bit of short on adventure. However, the mechanics were really fun. Legacy takes those fun mechanics and builds an engrossing game around them. Well worth the money
  11. Superb!
    Alex Flores
    Definetly a 5+ star game, and I'm not even into RPG-type of games. I really liked the first Battleheart, and couldn't wait until this one came out. The problem now is that I can't stop playing, it's that good!
  12. Terrible
    helenj Hilliard
    You pay for a game, and first off its and rgp , but with no quest log?? And everything requires money to do, but they hardly let you make money. Tons of enemies you have to kill, which is fine, but if you recieve NO momey for doing so, you cannot progress in the game. There are no micro transactions, as this is a paid game, but you can't Make money either. What a rip off
  13. Wow guy's, wow!
    Michael Conte
    This game is fantastic and already had a HUGE replay value. I can't wait to make my second run though with another class. I do hope the developer will support this one for a while. Not a fan of IAP at all but I'd be stoked to see some new maps eventually or playable classes, new level cap, and abilities. Still fantastic job dev this game is great!
  14. Amazing
    derek dorantes
    One of the best rpg titles in android. Customizable character, you don't need to stick to one class, if you get bored you can go crazy and kill everyone in the game.
  15. Action
    David Langley
    Good combat mechanics but becomes repetitive for me. Too little quests and story. If you like the action there's plenty of options in terms of classes and skills. Graphics are great.
  16. Amazing
    Zachary Schwenk
    A great follow-up to my favorite app of all time, Battleheart 1. Beautiful world with colorful quests and amazing grinding/leveling just as before. Worth the price increase.
  17. Great!But...
    Sam Caifano
    This is a really fun game! Id recommend for any rpg lovers. But it should have multiplayer and cloud save account so you can keep your progress when you get a new device so you dont lose all your stuff and progress in the game. Add those two things and ill be sure to 5 star it immediately!! =)
  18. Good but not great
    Dante Nomad
    Overall I love this game but I'm missing some key components. Stats for critical, dodge, health and weapons damage would be nice. Mission/quest screen is missing. Some skill tree or at least a list of them to see what's next would be nice. I hope that in the coming updates this will be added. And give us a multiplayer mode cuz this game just begs for it :)
  19. Great game
    Danke Alamien
    Game play is fun, lots of class, skill, spells, items so there's some replay value there. Also decisions we made in the game will impact the story. It's a perfect game for mobile. One feature I'd love to have is a journal so we can keep track of missions, and maybe a dynamic map Generator to increase replay value.
  20. Good RPG
    Jonathan Trabing
    Don't listen to the people that say no story. They didn't play long. If you like lots of different classes with lots of different skills, this is a must-have. So much replay value with plenty of save slots. Best part is no Internet access required. Best for when you have a lot of time to kill with no internet.


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