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  1. Not worth your trouble. Whos the guy said he would and could close em down? Idiot. You aint doing nothing tuff guy.
    Leo Sizemore
    There is no recourse for these apps until the federal government "closes" them for violating federal gambling laws. They wont until its proven 5 or 10 years later. By then they will just start another site and keep on keepin on. Just look. Not one reply to any feedback. The care not about you. Not even a little. If your going to stick your head in an aligators mouth you might get your head snapped off. Ready to try? Ok GO!!!
  2. I gave this a 1 star because....
    Marlene Bracey
    I decided to install a Micro SD card to move over my larger apps and then I lost everything.I had over 2.4 mill and was around level 70 something and lost it all forcing me to start over. I am not happy..... The game should have been backed up with Facebook or G+.WTF happened to my stuff. I want it back.!!!
  3. Good game,not so good cs
    Melissa W
    The game is fun to play, you start winning then you lose everything quickly.The bonus is every 4 hours so if you run out, its along wait.I would of given 5 stars, but the game has been not giving total winnings its shorts you a couple thousand on the bigger pay outs.Have sent 2 emails to cs never emailed me back? Still have not heard anything,game is still keeping a couple thousand tokens on the big wins.Please fix I have lost probably about a million tokens by now at level 92. The games are fun to play!
  4. Double up seems dodgy
    Craig Lawrence
    It's weird when you hit either the red or black button to double up and you can see it's been tapped. You then tap again and almost always lose.
  5. Diamond slots
    Alison Uphill
    Starts off winning big and going up levels quite quickly. I have read many negative comments about this. People seem to give up when it stops paying. It doesnt at all. You just have to work out which game AND bet amount. You may get nil betting $1,500 but it pays huge on, say $500
  6. Chris Houser
    ALL of their games are amazing. Sooooo much fun. Some of you people really need to settle down...ummm, it's a GAME fools lol
  7. Fun
    Shirley D
    Graphics are great, and the games are fun. Haven't found any issues at all.
  8. Game player
    Rachelle Coffer
    Not enough start upon coins, slots need to be loser, hard to get bonuses, and free SPINS. I have uninstalled the game.
  9. Great game ... 5 stars. !!
    Bill Joynes
    Payouts could be better. Very Fun , but tough to get to higher levels. I'm at level 19... As soon as I rated you 5 stars... Went from 500k + credits to about 300k credits betting low in a very short time. ??? So much for gratitude.
  10. Barry Christian
    The best I really enjoy your games keep doing what u do i enjoy all of your games I have play all of them u get five stars always
  11. Fun games!
    Misty Henslee
    Play it all the time. Have been getting regular pay outs. Good bonus rounds!
    Super diamond casino, wow! What a great game, loads of fun when passing time away, thanks donlev
  13. Double diamonds
    Nancy Heard
    This has been the best game""it allows you get free spins as well as it gives you a chance to play longer '' I really like it
  14. Always throwing me out
    john frazier
    No one listens to what we have to say so, you guys suck at this.
  15. Diamond slots .
    Henry Pettit
    Worked fine until I updated. Now won't boot up.
  16. Great App!
    Tess Swartz
    Lots of slots to level up to. Just hoping I can continue the wins & bonuses I've had so far. Thank You!
  17. Sucks up data plan
    Anthony R
    So many video ads, it takes up Mb of data per game play. In one month 0.97Gbp just in ad vids. 5 of the ads are on the virus watch list for android corruption. 2,000 plays 2 wins. Even real casinos play better.
  18. Andrew Vlewis
    LOVE ROCKET GAMES, I have 3, good payouts, great bonuses and alot of fun
  19. redneck rebel
    Great game! Just curious on if there is a technique to winning the mega bet with cards?? Any help please
  20. Bud Heitland
    Great game. Good wins lots of free spins


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