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bier haus slot game
bier haus slot machine


Monthly active users estimation: 75,000

Reviews 10,943

  1. Rocking rolling
    Bartolo Maldonado Jr
    Fun does what it says amazing wins n very cool. Graphics really one of the best slots I have encountered
  2. Stan Brock
    A lot of fun, big wins but loves to take it all back. Game on.
  3. Best payout ratios so far.
    Blair Keifer
    I'll update if needed later, but as of now this slots game seems to be the best payout so far. Its generous while still remaining suspenseful and challenging. I wish they add the tournament mode. It has a set buy in, then everyone is given the the same amount of chips or tokens, the highest payout out of that set amount of chips would take first. No winnings add to those chips, you just have to do better or have a better luck speec then the others in the same amount of spins. That would be a great feature.
  4. Tara Angel
    Nice new game a lot of big wins come try it you will win fun fun
  5. kevin Klein
    I didn't win in the double down at all never in 25 times did a club come up
  6. So far so good.
    Etherial Flame
    Just started playing today but so far it's an enjoyable game. Decent wins. Enough to keep you going.
  7. Awesome! !!!!
    Arnoux Smuts
    Very good game and fun, not the other games where they try to suck you dry from your money!
  8. Stephen
    Stephen Mummert
    Haven't put it down. Loads of fun.
  9. Dean Bell
    Great graphics. Winning is good at lower levels.
  10. New Slots
    chad mahana
    I've played quite a few and have to rate this in my top 10 out of at least 50 or more other site's.
  11. Meh.
    John J
    Generous with coins at first, but then takes them quick. So when's the next slot coming Dev's? Bonus games are fun and different. I will rate higher when the coins don't disappear as quickly as you win them. I was betting 1000 and won over 10k then spun 10 times without a win. C'mon.
  12. Another dud rocket app by developer
    Brian Hartley
    Every time you get free spins or bonus it will kick you out of the game even had 4wild cards and kick me out. Like get real if you cannot have it run smooth suggest you move on and let someone knows how to rectify the issues.
  13. Patricia Mitchell
    So far great games, could be a bit more loose with the bonuses though.
  14. Octoberfest
    Adeline Zamudio
    Payouts are good. Just started playing & already up to 133,000. Graphics are good. Keep the fun coming. Thanks for a fun time
  15. James Youngman
    Good game low payouts. Stops in the middle of free spins. Iam going to delete this game . Make it to 34stage will not open
  16. Sharon Painter
    Enjoy playing. Hard to put down. Keeps adding up!
  17. Richie Webb
    Who Eva told u this game sucks its not play for yourself an enjoy
  18. The run around
    richard turgeon
    Tried to purchase an in game package for credits. The system glitches and no credits were ever delivered. I email them to fix the problem and just get the run around for over a week. Poor customer service. I received a email, responded to them within 5 minutes and didn't hear back from them for 4 days. When they did respond back they just had more questions.
  19. Dan Knox
    Game is fun customers service SUCKS! Purchased $20 credit pack! Was billed on my card but never received my credits! Been getting the run around ever since! Don't make the same mistake I did!
  20. Coolest not..
    Cristy Khan
    Loved playing this slot. Kicks me out every 5seconds ANGRY


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