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Monthly active users estimation: 75,000

Reviews 11,130

  1. Android
    Linda Bradford
    I would give it 5 stars, but the payouts r not huuuggee like some of the other slots we need big, big payouts. So back to the drawing boards fellas. Happy 4th. You all have a Happy, Happy 4th
  2. Don't blow you roll
    Daryl Treleggan
    Good fun but don't blow all the money on large bets
  3. Pop
    Peter Hayward
    Looks good no bugs BUT the payouts are dont happen you're buy credits then just negative payouts till you run out then you buy more then negative payouts if you do get a good payout dont get too excited cause it will take it all back before you know it if i want to lose money playing the pokies I'll play at the club at least i have better payouts & a chance of winning
  4. Tiger King
    Robin Hendricks
    Just downloaded yesterday, but so far it is fun, interesting and problem free (so far).
  5. Kia Langenhoven
    You win big almost all the time it is great
  6. Maria Marroquin
    The best game I ever had played
  7. Waste of time
    markus rodschies
    Let's you win for a while and then sucks you dry
  8. Awesome slots app! Update: Facebook connection request!
    Ana Ploch
    One of the best I've played. Payouts are great and very frequent! Great job, keep it up! Update 7/9/2015: Please, either stop asking to connect to Facebook, or provide an option to enable/disable this feature. It is very annoying every time I try to open the game, the first thing that comes up is the request to connect to Facebook. I am not going to connect! Fix this and I'll change my rating.
  9. It's fun,but don't leave if u ever wanted to play it again.
    Amy Lynn Rhoades
    It really suks cuz I only got to play 1 time Cuz every time I would try to open it would get to 1st . screen where you can hit play & then it would close the game.
  10. Tiger King
    Cynthia Coffey
    Like the smooth feel of the reels. Only wish it had more of a pay out break down.
  11. Tiger king Slots
    This app has provided many hours of entertainment however the new update has stopped me from playing further
  12. Love it.
    Dianna Berryhill
    Doesn't have major big payouts but it does pay. I enjoy it a lot. Try it yourself
  13. wowwww
    Encik Phineas
    this game so fun and enjoy...please add more fun for us
  14. Great, fun games.
    Rickey Martin
    Just started playing today but I'm loving everything about these games. It freezes up quite a bit and I Dont like that much but at least you dont lose your money.
  15. Goodbye
    Mylee Grantham
    Do you know what happens when a slot game doesnt give much by way of wins, spins or bonus games? They get old and boring real quick. Much like this game. Its gone from a 5 star rating down to a 1 star rating for me. I cant even be bothered collecting my 4 hourly bonus coins anymore because i know theyll only last a matter of seconds. For this reason I have deleted the game.
  16. Count the ways to winning big
    Percy Benson
    Just call me winning winner. This slot is fun to stay on. Come on and play to win. You cannot win if you do not play.
  17. Jean
    Jean Crawford
    This is a really fun game! I have been winning a lot recently, it is one of my favorites.
  18. Tiger king slots
    Roseann Waterman
    Huge fun to play. Loads of free soins make this stay interestin
  19. Love It ❤
    Lola Sanchez
    Just wish I could really get this lucky at the actual casino haahaa
  20. Roj Naidu
    Just dont like that it freezes otherwise I would have given it a 5


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