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Varun Menon | Producer at Ubisoft Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Amar Vora | Web Developer at Ubisoft

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Ankita Surve | Trainee Game Tester at Ubisoft Pune

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India |

Reviews 132,352

  1. Galaxy S4. Not working
    Sameer Saroa
    I really like this game, but it's not working on the GS4. Keeps loading and then closing. The suppprt page on Ubisoft doesn't help and reporting an error is nearly impossible.
  2. Doesnt work with Galaxy S4
    John smith
    The shuts down with galaxy s4. Would love to play it but oh well. 2 fingers clap.
  3. Fun game play on small and large screens
    Edwin Tucker
    Excellent physics and an acceptable amount of 'free-mium' content to keep you immersed in the game. Would love to see more levels and challenges in an update
  4. shuts down everytime
    abbie gilliane brito
    after playing 1 round it always stops running so i keep on opening the game everytime. please do fix. i really love the game.
  5. GREAT
    Christopher Celestine
    This game is takes some getting used to like everything else but once you kind of grasp it, it makes you want more....LIKE NOW, I can't wait to leave work so I can play
  6. Complete crap
    Warren Schneider
    The game play is OK, but the game is not made equally from one account to another. My mother and I both play this game, but when she finishes a level she gets more tokens than I do. Games should be made fairly and equally.
  7. Fun but.....
    Chris Rhiger
    This is a very entertaining game. However, there are WAY to many ads. Literally after ever level you complete you get a new ad. This for me significantly reduces the enoyment of the game.
  8. Worst game ever
    Diandra Loving
    So boring I thought that you get to build roller coaster not ride them I can do that in real life. And this game doesn't deserve 1 star I'm just being nice plus I can't write this without picking at least one star so your lucky.
  9. Shut Down
    Davor V.
    I love to play this game but have one problem. After playing one game it shut down so i need to open the game every time. Please fix this problem... 2 stars for now
  10. So fun but force closes without internet?
    Julian C
    I love this game. It has the perfect amount of controller depth for a mobile offering. Very addictive! BUT, I was away from home (away from the CBD) so didn't have a lot of mobile data coverage and it kept crashing after 1 game. When I returned to my house and turned data back on, the crashing stopped. Coincidence or bug? I have a Nexus 4 on Android 4.3.
  11. LG G2 phone
    Yudith Listyani
    This game is so cute n fun but its not working in my phone, you can open it after that suddenly close... Bad aplication from ubi soft
  12. Crashes every single time
    Clinton Penheiro
    Honestly, fix it immediately. The Million plus downloads on your app does not mean jack if it is a million plus downloaded then uninstalled.
  13. Too many adds
    Fernando Hernandez
    The amount of pop ups are crazy and you can't even get to the next level without signing up for something or doing a survey
  14. Close down
    Adinda Putri
    Game closes after finishing a level. Fix this & I'll give 5 stars
  15. Great game, but... Acer E380
    Rizki Tubagus Muhammad
    This game is fabulous, but in the newest update I can't play it any more because it's always stopped working. Hope you guys fix it quickly. Thanks.
  16. WTF ads!?
    Manoj C
    The game is good and cute. The physics are awesome! The sheer number of ads that are bombarded at you destroy the complete experience. Without consent the game opens the play store (which should actually result from a user-click). There are ads in between every game. Ugh! Is there a place to report an app that violates the recent changes to the play store ads regulations? This one should be! Apparently, this is even picked as "editor's choice"! WTF?
  17. The ads are ridiculous.
    Doug Todd
    I have never seen this many ads in a game. If I play for 10 minutes, 8 of those minutes are spent navigating out of totally off the wall ads. Uninstalling. I'll look elsewhere.
  18. Incoherent
    Amit Shan
    How does the developers expect us to play a game that does not allow one to. The first time, I was faced with this particular error, I thought that maybe my phone wasn't powerful enough. The second, I played it cool. The third time ( Almost a year later), I realised ed that it wasn't really my phone's fault but the game's and this coming from one of the best, "Ubisoft". Wow.
  19. crashes everytime
    Heather B.
    as soon as a ride is done or a crash happens the game forces closed. How annoying. Why have a game you can't even play? Poorly made or full of bugs, I will be uninstalling it because a game.should be fun not aggravating.
  20. Take my 99 cent - NO ADS
    Andrew-Kent Snyder
    This is an amazing game! Though the amount of ads in a game for the first time feels abusive to me. Not sure how it happened, but it is likely due to an overwhelming amount of them. Give me an option to buy out of ads and I will give it 5 stars