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  1. Laura Kelly
    Quando giochi da solo è totalmente truccato però amo qst gioco. Mi porta indietro new tempo quando i miei nonni erano in vita e passavamo il tempo a suon di partite! :)
  2. Domenic Alessi
    Just like when I played with my grandparents
  3. Bella ma...
    Domenico De Fabiis
    L'applicazione mi piace, ma dall'ultimo aggiornamento non riesco più a vedere i miei amici di Facebook che hanno scaricato, anche loro, l'app. Non posso giocarci. Fate qualcosa per favore!
  4. ace 2
    G. cappa
    ★★★★gli agiornnamenti ....anno cangellato tutti i record ....
  5. Quando giochi da solo sembra un po' pilotato.
    Luigi Milano
    Quando giochi da solo l'avversario ha una media di scope più alta. Strana coincidenza.
  6. New Multiplayer
    Toma Avianda
    Since last update this morning, I can't see my fb friends and they can't invite me to a match. They're on IOS. Please fix. I love the game.
  7. Awesome!
    Angela Briggs
    I first played Scopa on a Nancy Drew mystery game and liked it a lot. So, I had to find another way to play it. This game is fun and easy to use. Sometimes the computer is ridiculously hard but still a lot of fun. Great way to pass time without needing Internet connection. Also doesn't bully you into connecting to social media or make you wait for "lives." Great game!
  8. Claudia
    Claudia Buccilli
    Fun! My favorite card game ever and now its on my phone! Thanks!
  9. Great App.
    Antonio Adinolfi
    I cannot fault this app on either functionalities or appearance.
  10. Great little game
    Peter Houghton
    This app has renewed my interest in this great Italian card game. Would have given 5 if there was a facility to save games halfway.
  11. Fantastic!
    Bill Payne
    The best card game there is. Could use a little more instructions and a card value key, but it's easy to figure out.
  12. Hadopp24
    nice...but guys i find level easy harder than level hard....try..
  13. Great app
    Luca Malandrino
    If you love Scopa game, well this app is for you!
  14. Excellent
    Christopher Rubino
    Just like we play at the sinner table every sunday
  15. Slow and not accurate
    Maurizio Veraldi
    Freeze a lot ,...still don't understand how works the tournament.....and allowing players to leave right after the first right now can't get in the game....shows blank.....I need to uninstall and re-install the App....getting pretty tired....looking for another App with less problems....
  16. Great app
    Maggie Price
    Really good game to play on line, have tried few others but came back to this one, good design, very easy to use, great fun.
  17. Great game
    Pietro La Monica
    Love playing Scopa, but it's only really a family game at Xmas.... So this fits the bill for the rest of the year :)
  18. Great fun!!!
    Bobby Bailey
    Great fun!!!!! Updated version crashes a lot...
  19. (Was) The only decent free Scopa app
    Mark Burton
    The updated version won't allow me to connect to bluetooth players. Players are picking up combinations of cards with completely incorrect values (e.g. I played a 4 and picked up a Scopa of a 7 and 9). Also allowed the opponent to lay an ace directly after a Scopa and gave them a Scopa with no cards showing...This was a 5star app easily, however this latest version, whether it is beta or not, is not anywhere near the same level. Looks pretty though...
  20. Ralph Zito
    Great app love playing it so much when I get some spare time.


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