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  1. Good
    Thomas Gavin
    Its a nice format but i wonder what translation is being used here. One of the questions i looked up in KJV,NASB and ESV. All give same answer but game will not accept it. Otherwise i like it. Would love to have given 5 stars but..
  2. Theresa Morrison
    Keep working on this app you have spelling errors and other proof mistakes but I believe you can make it to the leader board with this biblical version of crossword game. I want so much to give you a 5 star rating but you still have lots of work fine tuning this game. I love what you have so far.
  3. Biblical crosswords
    sikelela Ngcuka
    It makes me to evaluate myself on how I understood the chapters of the bible.
  4. Great begging
    Manuel Hernandez
    Is a great game just need same more levels, the mistake is in the level 3 question 6
  5. Ronnie Shuck
    Some of the answers I know are correct it is saying that it's wrong and it won't let me go to the next level. Please fix this issue and I would give it a five star
  6. fun, but too easy
    Fun crossword, a few mistakes that should have been proof read. (i.e. Easter is not the celebration of the Israelites leaving Egypt. And it is Egypt not \"Egipt\".) Took 30 minutes for level 1 there is no level 2 yet.
  7. Won't advance to the next level
    Nikola Holmes
    This is an update: I still haven't been able to get to level two. it is a great game. I actually had a lot of fun but then when I finished level one it wouldn't any further. I said ahh phooey
  8. Miss Bree White
    A few misspellings other than that it's EXCELLENT!
  9. Great app!
    André Cardoso
    exactamente o que eu estava procurando! várias fases, cada palavra tem uma dica em versículos. muito bem feito!!
  10. Versión en español
    CJugger Naut
    Necesito una versión en español por favor, está muy buena, gracias
  11. Glitch effect needs to be fixed
    Tia Joseph
    It helps me with the trival knowledge of the bible that I had not considered I knew but has a glitch in the first level in the thrid puzzle. I've tried reintalling it three times but that does not seem to work
  12. GREAT App!!!
    Chris Buscher
    What a wonderful game! I'm loving this!!!


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