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Reviews 5,867

  1. Good all round fun
    Raschelle Sherwood
    fun game & graphics. Speed bingo feature is interesting way to win or loose tickets too. fun :)
  2. I'd rate it better but still 6mths later you are bullying ppl into purchasing or always lose because the ad covers the entire bottom half of the screen or card where the call bingo is so constantly losing unless you play speed bingo. I'm about to delete the game
    Monica Connelly
    I don't mind the ads. However I do when they block the bottom row of my card and when it switches go after take I can't see anything at bottom half like continue or change bet... Or main menu.... There's not even an option for me to push x on the ad nor an arrow down Button to hide it from play area..
  3. Great
    Ann Estle
    Really fun fast paced game, the one drawback is that it is difficult to get coins unless you want to spend real money
  4. A complete rip off.
    Rachel Harrison
    I had 1035 tickets last night and when i went on this morning it had reset itself now i only have 6 tickets. Give me my tickets back.
  5. A&E Bingo
    Diane Ortiz Fox
    This game is great! Lots of fun & except too many coins for few power ups,not much excitement its just great no issues but power ups too much & boring Ya Love the game it's consistent I guess, Boring & too many coins for All alternatives?!
  6. tracy buell
    Was able to play this game for awhile, unlike most others. The others never give you enough bonus points to play. And I do not spend real money to play games.
  7. Rarely get bingos or powerups
    Travis Jensen
    Way to hard to get bingos and never get any power ups. Need to relax the game a little and not be all about money
  8. It's Amazing
    Meka Hood
    I love the game I have no glitches or problems
  9. Ae bingo
    Jeremiah Northup
    I like how u can speed it up or slow down. Dont let u win much though
  10. pretty good
    Greg Hope
    best part is the ability to change speed! takes too long to level up & u don't start with nearly enough supplies!
  11. Yeah its a'ite.
    Kelly Walton
    Like to get my bingo on. But I wish they could put more than one card on the screen. Having to switch back and forth for more than one card messes me up and I'm good 2
  12. Great game
    Erika Beckham
    Fun to play, love how you can adjust the speed on the announcer. Easy to learn but keeps you playing.
  13. Freeing up
    Anjelita San Agustin
    I gave this game a five not to long ago because it hadn't froze up or taken coins. Spoke to soon I guess, because now, not only does it freeze up buy sometimes it won't finish giving the "prizes. Also calling the numbers very fast even on the number. I hope it doesn't continue doing this, hate to delete it. Oh yea and it takes FOREVER to get the first collection. Stuck on 10 out of 12. Grrrr!
  14. Lynette Williamson
    I had rated this bingo game 5 stars before. Not sure what or why it was updated, but it makes sure you MIGHT hit 1 out of 13 bingos. If it lets you hit at all. Its was a fun game. Now only hated. Now I can wait another week for chips or just uninstall and forget.
  15. As bingo
    Brittany Tryon
    Awesome that I can play off line as long as I have tickets. But power ups plus everything else cost so much and I can play 8 games before getting a bingo
  16. Would have rated as 5 star
    Amanda Burrell
    If there had been a pause button I would have rated 5 an still may change my rating if pause button is added upon the next update
  17. Good except for always having to earn more patterns and more cards to play
    Renee Koehler
    Other than not enough earnings to continue playing for at least 20 minutes that's the only downfall
  18. Great game. .....
    Donna Chadwick
    I love how it lets you do the calling of numbers at whatever pace we to the game today, but will continue playing. ..cheers
  19. Could be better
    Joy Kendrick
    Fun game..but very tedious & frustrating when you have to scroll back & forth between cards to daub numbers!
  20. Fantastic game.
    Linda Calhoun
    It's a great game,especially if you have time to kill.I love it.


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