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  1. Awesome story!
    Ville Chiles
    If you have ever wondered about the story behind the game, get this app/story. One thing is though, I would like there to be more to the story. Maybe something kinda like the end of the story in legion of heroes. Other than that, cool story!
  2. Hmm..
    Matt Bh
    24/11/13 the story was great, BUT, why can't you make high quality images in game as you did in this app? On my tablet even intro looks terrible, pixels are huge.. 7 inch screen 1024x600 resolution
  3. awsome
    Chrome Hunter
    awsome story, you should defently expand on both the story and the game, how bout some new classes or races, i wanna see PANDA MONKS LOL
  4. Fuckin awesome story:-)
    Dewey Ben Tee
    Hey guys u should install this even if u dint play warspear but u will truely appreciate this story
  5. OMG
    Matthew Rea
    Awesome story, makes you appreciate the game so much more. Thanks AIGrind, keep up the good work!
  6. JOY...!
    marc bennett
    Now it all makes sense...! :-/ -009
  7. Awesome
    matthew Von Schuetz
    This story is interesting if you have played war spear :-)
  8. Cool
    Cody Tebbetts
    Great story I wish it was longer
  9. Good
    Joseph Diaz
    When we gunna battle again ? LETS GO WAR
  10. Xdruidvibe
    Chase Barnett
    Adam Ervin avatar image
    Adam Ervin July 1, 2013
    Cool I didnt know the actual story was like that. I mean yea i play warspear and understand it but the story makes more sense id say u should download this before the game just to help u understand it
  11. Praveen Pant
    Very convinient. I have Warspear, but I did not really know the story.Very nice......
  12. Need more details
    Abhisek Behera
    No description about why berenger left humans and how he was betrayed.Why mountain clans joined forsaken?Need more details
  13. Why???
    Thomas Yovine
    I love the game but why a story.we really dont need it. Why dont they make a app to buy miracle coins directly with debit/credit card
  14. Cool but Short
    Jeric Janaban
    Any other detailed story/ novel of warspear? The Kings, Berrengars, Etc.. All the main characters of the story.
  15. Love the game
    Wayan Ompri Y
    I love the games so I must love The story too :-D
  16. Short but awesome!!!
    Imliwapang Jamir
    Only wish it was longer and more detailed. Hint: Would LOVE a Warspear Lore ebook!! ;)
  17. Dam
    Rolandas Sliauteris
    This is big mistake. That not work!!!!
  18. WHAT THE FUCK 0=(==============>
    Jau Austro
    I play Waspear online for years, but i never know the story of minecraft... i mean Warspear online. I though reading is boring but this story ist nt boring this book ist cool but i more like if its a movie. so i never say this for a story because reading is boring. Now im ready to say this... i... i... i... I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!! I give 5 star?¿?¿?¿? YESSSS!!!!!!
  19. Story of unrespectfull administration
    whyte rhomer Almadrigo
    The story is good but the game is crap. Money sucker. Useless developers. They dont respect people suggestions post threads account. It u have money that they can suck they will love u. If u r a poorer than a poor they will dump u. The sides of the developer is on the richer side. I promise u guys best story and best worst game ever
  20. Graphics r fine
    Jerod Lee
    The games graphics are fine do t meas with them plz. The 2d graphics allow for better gameplay. U start going 3d and we get lag and constant DC as with other 3d games. Warspear is fine the way it is.


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