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Kirill Khvorostov | CTO at AIGRIND

Россия |

Tatiana Khvorostova | Deputy Director at AIGRIND

Россия |

Stanislav Ignatov | PR-manager - Aigrind


Илья Воробьёв | Lead game designer at AIGRIND

Kaliningrad Region, Russian Federation |

Reviews 155,827

  1. Mc coins
    yousef chowdhury
    Hello I live in germany.. during purchasing mc coins its really annoying the price is 15.34€ and I purchase through google play when I buy 15€ google play card ill still be habe 34cents low.. pls make it-15€ to make it easier it is really annoying
  2. Great game!
    james camigla
    I wish mcoin sms purchase would get a discount too since i dont have a credit card yet :(
  3. Great game
    Gigi Mohammed
    Its a great game but unfair paladin should be more tanker than made better skills for bd and better dmg and better attack speed paladin is so weak compared by bladedancer plz make pala more tanky.
  4. Good game very fun
    James Hill
    It's a very good game I really do enjoy it I recommend it to anyone but as far as trying to get free miracle coins I suggest you not even try because I have done many downloads of apps and done many surveys have received some miracle coins but have not received all d miracle coins I have emailed to the game server to ask and fix this but have not received any reply saying they would or would not
  5. I love it
    Jean Carlos Garcia
    Ai grind you guys are the best the game is awesome, but there's one thing I don't like is the gankers at PvP cave you get ganked for no reason you should make an option to send a PvP request to the enemie so that you can fight each other till death and not get ganked while doing PvP I have a pro ish bd 4kdeff 2.6k magic defence and I'm a kid lol and I have been ganked a lot and I think this idea is cool and other players would like it cuz what do you think about a lvl 24 killing a lvl 14? Is that fair?
  6. I absolutely adore this game but...
    Edwin Guzman
    Why do we have to do quests to get exp? The fact that we have such a small bag u cant just raid every monster but if u dont rade the dead monster u just risked your life (and equipment) to kill an enemy FOR NO REASON AT ALL!
  7. Unfair. Unfair. Unfair.
    Matiss Sergejevs
    Why does rogue have light armor, weak stun and only two attack skills when blade dancers have heavy armor, godlike stun (you can't move for 10 seconds when 5/5, take 200dmg every sec, and u cant attack) and 3 attack skills? Both are the same weapon style....unfair
  8. best ever
    Ac Peñales
    there is no such op class,if u know ur class,u must knw how to manage and deal with it......
  9. So So Addicting
    Charles Duwel
    Love the game. One small tweak. Have like a PVP protection until you reach a specific part in the game/on the map
  10. Hard to farm
    Jason Altez
    Is it only the bosses that drop good items? Its really hard to farm with normal mobs that drops 1g items. Are there any easier way for begginers to farm?
  11. Love you
    Gustavo Ribeiro
    I like the game and the devs they replie very kinldy even if the comment has somthing mean in it
  12. How to fix my google play? I cant buy mcoins :'(
    Krackers Krackel
    I'm from philippines, can't buy some coins at google play, every time I try to purchase a package, it says "Your Order Has Been Declined, Considered As High-Risk". Aww I wanna amp my weaps, but need to buy coins first, how to fix google play purchase. Huhu help Aigrind..
  13. Kill Lava Breath?
    kun mengkhorn
    I think I must kill GM's mother first, It more and more easy than kill Lava Breath..........
  14. Worst rules any game ever had!
    Keyur Jain
    Dont play this game and never think of downloading this game. This game has the worst rules any game ever had. I got a total chat ban on my 2 big accounts for using foul language or insult which i didnt used. They banned me without any proof. I used to play this game daily and also bought alot of miracle coins worth real money. This means that all my money is a total waste that i spent on such a game where the rules sucks. The game developers and gm even banned from making new account and chatting on it.
  15. I used to love it
    yahya suratwala
    Thank you Ai Grind for making the changes I suggested ! You guys are awesome ! But there is one big flaw that I have found . The Arena Selection . Why put the strong vs weak ? It makes the game boring and gets unfair . Class A should fight with Class A , that makes things challenging. I suggest it to be taken care of asap . The ones who win the arena will be the most skillful! Thanks guys and stay Awesome !
  16. Used To Be Good
    Miguel Cortez
    This used to be my favorite game in 2013. There wouldn't be a day where I didn't play this game. I even bought miracle coins. Now the game is horrible. And when I tried to play again, I couldn't play as bladedancer, which was my favorite.
  17. Good game
    Nieldrew Onchita
    Please do weapon drops in every boss killed like lake , sea, and garrshag. Not only in Granite Guard
  18. Mage needs heal skill or shield or dff shield
    Jose Gallardo
    Ok I have a 10+ mage but lack of dff and stun skill or heal it's really hard to keep up with any class warlock it's good because the stun even low dff it's hard to kill mage no stun and all the skills it has its to get close to enemy sooo! Close =low defense =no stun =dead
  19. Addicting but
    Victoria B
    I'm a level 12 bladedancer and the game suddenly won't allow me to "Inspect Player". Is that a bug or is something wrong on my end?
  20. Arena lv21 gear can't wait
    Robert Franklin
    I'll max banner at lv 26;) 4/4 shield real warriors use shields not spears


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Meet the 8.1 Update - Celebration of the Dead!

- New holiday island and exciting missions
- Baron Saturday, the Mighty Raid Boss
- Global Dynamic Event with rewards for each stage
- Tournament Guild Event on GvG Territory
- Guild events in the open world and in the dedicated area
- Mysterious Dungeons
- Powerful 30 level equipment
- Rides for characters of all levels
- Cache of the World of the Dead and unique items in the Miracle Shop
- Holiday skills for players
- 16 new unique achievements

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