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om nom
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Misha Lyalin | Chairman & CEO at ZeptoLab

Россия |

Alex Veretennikov | Product Manager at ZeptoLab

Россия |

Lucas González | Product Manager at ZeptoLab

Madrid y alrededores, España |

Jorge Rosado de Alvaro | Game Designer at Zeptolab Studios

Madrid y alrededores, España |

Reviews 15,792

  1. Cool
    Summer Smith
    It looks like I don't know awesome
  2. Good game
    Margo Trojko
    I showed my brother my lock and he doesn't know it! So its a very good game
  3. Argh
    Andy Campbell
    My 5 year old put this on his moto G that he uses to play little games on and somehow got the lockscreen up and now we cant get into the phone. There doesnt appear to be a reset option or anything. The lockscreen works very well, just dont forget your pattern because there doesnt appear to be any backup method to access your phone.
  4. Okay
    Robert Hays
    This is quite nice idea but it's not something I'd use.
  5. I can't delete any page
    Dharminto W
    It's annoy me, somebody please help me
  6. Million star
    Mohammed Ahmed Abdelwahab
    If I can make million stars I will make it
  7. Great
    Rianna Maloney
    Soooo attractive in ways I cant describe
  8. bushra khan
    hanged my tablet how to get rid of this stupid app ?????
  9. Hey please help!!!!!
    Lợi Thắng
    It's crashed when it's about to start :( I installed it weeks ago, everything seemed ok until now, it's suddenly crashed and I've done nothing to the phone. Try to turn it back on, but still crash. Need help :((
  10. My opinion
    Rodrigo Zuluaga
    Cool but have some issues... Just got it, cool Ill be writing issues to get it better.... 1. Cant delete extra backgrounds.... Just need one... 2... LockScreen Bugs while having the original activated, the software has to do it auto. 3. Get a little laggy with with live wallpaper 4. Whatsapp Icon must be styled, like the facebook one. 5. Uses alot of battery 6. Ill keep writing.... XPeria L Phone...
  11. I say
    Tameem Abogoda
    This is actually awesome, cute and cool, but when you want to add a folder or edit or stuff like that. just CAN'T!!!!???!??!! please fix, Zeptolab.
  12. Phoebe Espina
    Every time I set it ( coz I keep trying over and over again ) then go to home screen, it's just pitch black. It also decreases my battery life . Whenever I turn on my phone , it's also just pitch black but when I touch the screen, the popping sound is there so I just do my pattern without seeing anything. It's very hard to do so please fix and I'll be giving a much better rating, I'm really looking forward in trying it out. I hope it gets fixed soon. I'll be uninstalling it for now.
  13. I liked this one
    Golden Freddy
    Hey ZeptoLab,I have something to say, The Game Named "My Om Nom" Will Come Out?
  14. I like it but
    Lola Jones
    This app theme is cute as I like cut the rope but I feel that this drains my battery a lot
  15. Set Wallpaper bug
    Faiz Cesar I.
    If I set the original live wallpaper from you , it becomes black screen wallpaper . And if I set other wallpaper , the set live wallpaper screen always showing at any running application . Please fix it !
  16. Love it but one question
    Jamerial Dozier
    Is the my om nom available yet
  17. cute and amazing
    Ezrock Mangawang
    though I wish that the clock display could be changed .. and that all others like the settings icon have their own cute version as well .. but none the less very cute ..
  18. Need to be fixed
    Kaui808 Gutz
    The game locked me out of my phone and i put in the right code so i had to fix my phone because of this game
  19. Cute
    Jordynn Turner
    My sister seen it and thought it was cut the rope and tried to play
    Nelly Acker
    I love it I think it is so cool and cute and my room is all cut the rope theme too so it matches my room


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