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Reviews 4,368

  1. Freeze frame
    Riana Lotz
    Every time I entered another location, the screen froze and I had to exit and reenter the game. This happened with all three of the Weird Park-series games. So 3 stars, because that is a bit annoying. But overall, great game and I really enjoyed playing it.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
    Thomas Smith
    Great graphics and story lines. Minor glitches. Great price. Will play again. Still waiting for another 1000 doors sequal. Great job Alawar
  3. Want a refund!
    Erin Diamond
    I loved this game, until I got about 3/4 of the way through. Then it froze. When I finally got it working, it completely reset back to the beginning and I lost all my progress. Ridiculous for a $3 game. I'm going to try it again on my new phone. Fingers crossed.
  4. Weird park scary tales.
    Hilary Mayo
    Loved the game but can't finish it because it won't let me pick up the last item in a hidden object game in blacksmiths. Too far in the game to reinstall n start over. Bit annoyed but playing 2nd game now.
  5. Weird park scary tales
    Page Anderson
    Loved it, second best game I have ever played and I have been playing HOG games for a long time. The only thing I wasn't happy with was no bonus game and game froze a couple of times so I had to close it then open it but the rest was great
  6. Fabulous game
    Lauren Moran
    This game is everything I look for in a hog. The only thing I can think of that could make it better is having some kind of object u can collect throughout the game. The game is easy on casual but its ok bcause if u want more of a challenge u can switch to make it more challenging. The graphics are wonderful and I felt like I definitely got my moneys worth.keep up the great work.
  7. Jen Hill
    Enjoyed this game, especially for the price. MUCH longer than a lot of games priced 3 times more! Puzzle difficulty varied which is nice. Why not 5 stars? Would have been nice to have a map, needed hints for stupid things. Wil definitely try another!
  8. An Excellent Adventure Game!!!
    Andreas Michaelides
    Great fun and great value for money! Not always intuitive but in-game help compensates for that. Well done!
  9. fantastic
    Dilwar ali
    peace of mind time being played that wonderful game great graphics awesome story line and reasonable length
  10. Slow and tedious!
    Wolf Step
    The developer put restrictions on how fast you can touch and find items. If you tap too fast, vines grow across screen and you have to wait for them to disappear. Also your inventory bar keeps disappearing and you have to re open the inventory bag. This is just 2 of the major issues. Never mind the game is as a whole SLOW. Wish I could get a refund but its to late now.
  11. Want my money back
    Jenna Kemp
    Please fix. It keeps kicking me out for no reason. I paid money for this game and I expect the game to work. I'll rerate this if you fix the bug. If not fixed I want my money back.
  12. Weird Park Scary Tales
    Anne Continelli
    Point and click adventure game. Generally good...I wish you could turn off the magnifying glasses that indicate where one should look - I prefer more of a challenge in my adventure games. Still, well done and quite enjoyable. Some good puzzles throughout.
  13. Awesome! Loved it!
    Josee Leon
    Fun game. Lots of games and things to figure out. Great animation!
  14. AMAZING!!!!!!!
    Jemma Hunt
    I have no words t describe how much I have enjoyed playing this game. Amazing graphics, story line just as good. Well worth the money. Off to get next one. Thanks guys. Wish could rate more stars than this.
  15. Fun and challenging at times!!
    Jessica Brough
    I absolutely love this game its def. Worth the money I put into it!!! Enjoy!
  16. Buggy
    Dean Edwards
    I couldn't complete the game. Froze and would not open 3/4 of the way through. Uninstalled and played again but the same thing happened. Will now uninstall for good. Using a Samsung Tab Pro 8.4, and out of 25 or so games I've played this is the first one I haven't been able to complete. Disappointed.
  17. Already hooked
    Evie Thomas
    Looking forward to the last installment. But the tones were gone that played in the first installment when hint button was pushed for a direction clue. I missed hearing that, lol!
  18. Cant even download?
    Kerri Milsom
    Keeps saying error near the end of downloading!! I want a refund!
  19. Great HOG
    Russ McNulty
    Good length too, I usually complete these kind of games in a couple of hours but 4 hours in and it's still going lol Maybe I'm just a bit crap but it's also because there's no map at all, let alone a transportable one, so minus 1 star for that. Good puzzles here too compared to some of the others, some are quite challenging, one with keys and locks had me stumped for some time but I refuse to skip...
  20. Awesome!
    Tra C
    one of the best story games in Alan War series


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