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Reviews 1,079

  1. Great
    Leigh Thornton
    Really great graphics keeps the brain moving. The new rooms seem endless, enjoyable went on to have it lock up just before the end disappointed
  2. Awesome
    gordon stearns
    Loved the interactive map a lot. Beautiful graphics. No glitches or lag time. Best game I have played in a while. Keep them coming Alawar. You're at the top of my list right now.
  3. Awesome
    Elyce Martin
    I've played an awful lot of HO and adventure games, but this is the best I've seen. Awesome graphics great stories and fun puzzles (a little easy, but makes it relaxing). Giving Big Fish a run for their money, love it!
  4. Brill loved it!!
    Jacqui Cornell
    Absolutely brilliant. Best I have played for a very long time. Graphics great and atmosphere amazing. Fun, bit easy but plenty of puzzles and HO to do. Great storyline. Well worth the cost.
  5. E3ECO
    Truly excellent! One of the problems with these games, especially as you get deeper into the maze, is you lose track of what is where. The interactive map solves that problem by not only highlighting the rooms you need to return to, but allowing you to jump right there. I love that feature! And I also love that you can buy the game outright without having to put up with annoying ads. Who can't pay a few bucks for a good game?
  6. Fabulous game
    Liz Trenbath
    One of the best ho games I have played. Really refreshing to have a futuristically themed plot with atmosphere. Reminds me of the best games I played many moons ago on the snes think it's that retro vibe. Can't say enough good things about this game please make a sequel!!!
  7. Really enjoyed this game
    Mariana Mendoza
    Had tons of fun with this game. Kept me interested and didn't want to stop playing. There were some lagging and freezing but overall a great game.
  8. Eternal Journey
    Glen Brown
    Puzzles? Great! Story line and game play? A mess! My tablet didn't like this app at all, and the lag, crashes and having to restart the game all the time made it almost unplayable! Good puzzles though, good hint system and traveling via the map was neat.
  9. Great!
    Ruben Ghafadaryan
    Excellent game with good story and excellent graphics. Waiting impatiently for a sequel. As about problems - one definite bug: in menu's options there are cancel and about buttons, but no ok or apply. So no matter how you set the volume, you have to navigate back using system back button and loose you settings. When playing mini game if you suddenly tap back then you have to restart mini game. Why it does not save progress?
  10. Very Nice
    Katra Stubblefield
    Couldn't believe u was playing on my phone! ! Nice cute story line! Wasn't very long ( took me two days). Lively graphics and sweet cut scenes! Where is the sequel? ? Only way to improve? Make it less easy to hit the back button to the next room when you're trying to solve a puzzle!!
  11. Fabulous
    John Williams
    The graphics are good, puzzles captivating. A great all rounder.
  12. Eternal Journey
    Angela Kelley-Green
    I enjoyed it but for a pay game, it is too short. Will there be more?
  13. Finally something different!
    Julian Trujillo
    Was tired of the other games and wanted something out of this world and yup it couldn't haven been any better PLEASE make more games like this that have to do with outer space or even a disease outbreak would be cool.
  14. Asus Nexus 7 Google tablet
    Susan Hopkins
    Great! Loved the interactive map, the mini games and HOS were perfect. Story line was interesting. I was sorry to see this one end
  15. Samsung galaxy tab 4
    Julie Miller
    BEST GAME EVER! Really long game great hints took forever which is another reason it was so great. Graphics fabulous, not the boring usual click and point. Small gitch which was fixed by going out and coming back in. MUST HAVE
  16. WOW!
    Andrew Barr
    Exceeded expectations. Incredible graphics and cut-scenes! Original and suspenseful plot. Only major complaint is wayyyyy too many "click-and-find" mini-games. Made it boring a bit
  17. Really enjoying the story!
    Jenny Walker-Liddell
    It's a task and hidden object game, but the story fits with the tasks, and the HO interludes only occasionally feel tacked on.
  18. Fantastic game!
    David Richards
    I loved this game. Lots of great puzzles. One of the best from Alawar. I hope they make a sequel!!
  19. Well worth the money
    Graham Jones
    Great game, good value and some taxing puzzles....look forward to the next instalment. :-D
  20. Cool puzzles, and game length, however....
    Jodie Goodingham
    Would have to reboot every 10 mins, as it would slow down and crash out.