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Stas Zakharov | Head of F2P Department at Alawar Entertainment

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Ilya Grabelnikov | Director of Partner Relations at Alawar Entertainment

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  1. Need more a full motion picture....storyline is awesome
    jas nomad
    Firstever time user bought it cos kept bugging me in my searches for game description...... Anyways bought it completeted it on easy.... Goin to goback in on HARDCORE mode wish me luck for my final TROPHIES...... #5STAR
  2. Dissapointed
    Celeste Margherio
    Should have played free trial before I bought. Not as entertaining as first 2. Some mini games impossible to figure out how to even play let alone solve. First 2 versions were fun and challenging. Even with strategy guide game was confusing and hard to figure out. Graphics/videos were well done and the best part of the game.
  3. Frustrating
    Tyrell Wesley
    Love puzzle mind games , bought this game bc it looked like a good game to keep me busy during my down time . Finding it really hard to tap for the objects! Can't enjoy the game if I have to keep tapping for the object to move . Fix are refund !
  4. Great
    R Darin
    Loved the ending. I have to say the last part definitely is well done and worth the money . Keep up the great work! Plays well on my Samsung Galaxy pro tablet 12.2.
  5. Good but no real challenge
    Millie L
    Nice long game, great graphics, variety in the mini puzzles...and yet by the end felt like I was just going through the motions. Probably good for someone new to the genre, or if you want a game without too much mind-bending.
  6. Absolutely LOVE this game.
    Catherine Hemmerling
    I have played every chapter of this game. So much fun! Challenging with a great story line. Hope more versions come out soon!
  7. What the...
    Michael Baldanza
    Looked really good...but I can't seem to be able to get by the first part...keep tapping the arrow and I keep going back from screen to screen... Disappointed... I want money back
  8. Wierd park 3
    Betty Hale
    Liking it a lot so far. Ask me again later.
  9. Fun long game
    Mj L
    Love these games. Just as good as the others
  10. Fun!
    Courtney Carroll
    First game in awhile that actually took some time to finish, thoroughly enjoyed this game!
  11. I LOVE IT!
    Leah Alamond
    The first one was awesome, the second one was still good, but not like the first one, the third one is ★★★★★
  12. Weird parks
    Rebecca Dando
    These games are so good and freak me out!
  13. Mishka Basha
    The game itself is ok but it kept getting stuck and freezing. I paid for the full version and it gets stuck 10 min into the game so I can't play further and have to uninstall. It happened on the 2nd one as well but I was not worried as I figuered I was almost to the end. But this one I just restarted. Please either fix the freezing problem or I would like a refund please.
  14. Bad gameplay
    Ok if you want to spend the game repeatedly tapping the same objects going that it will eventually work. Too frustrating to continue - hopefully a fix at some stage will make this game enjoyable.
  15. Frustrating & a bit boring
    Roberta Caraglia
    This final chapter of Weird Park is not as fun or satisfying as the previous "chapters". The story drags and most scenes are wasted with very little gameplay or addition to the narrative. Also, as another reviewer stated, you have to repeatedly tap on objects for it to register. VERY annoying.
  16. Samsung galaxy note 10.1
    Thomas Smith
    Excellent game. Great graphics and story line. Suggestions made in earlier games have been addressed.
  17. Weird Park the final show
    Mikey Wilson
    I actually purchased the full version of this game because I have played the other games in the series and enjoyed them...were well worth the price, but this one also crashes periodically. ..I know the problem is not with my device but with the game developers. Have contacted Google Play with these issues and received no response. I am losing faith in Google Play Store.
  18. Hours of fun!
    Anne Continelli
    Great game! Beautiful graphics, fun puzzles...worth every penny!
  19. Loved It!
    Harmony Morris
    Worth every penny great story long play. Really like that there is a bonus level that gives you more of the back story. I am just sad that this is the last one. Thank you Alawar for the awesome game I hope I find more like this one.
  20. Naz Za
    Definitely worth the money. The longest game out of the 3 and great story.


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- Google Play Game Services integration. Sign in with your Google account for achievements, and cloud saving.
- Minor bugfixes

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