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игра кафе
мое кафе
моя кофейня
рестораны и кафе игры



Igor Khabibov | Art Producer, Team Leader, 3D Generalist

Reviews 41,584

  1. Saira Nadeem
    This game is good, i haaaaaatttteeee adds whenever adds come i get a lot of angry , and because of that i start hating the game , they say it is free free no the sponser is liar , cheats it is buy the game and that makes me more angry and whowever is the sponser he is very bad because of adds and i am stuck in level 10 it comes watch the video but when i clicked the add did not start what is this so if they know how to game then only make or else no need to make understand
  2. Can only play seven levels
    Tammy Carrillo
    The game Has a lot of potential. It was fun. Very disappointed in all the adds and that after only seven levels you insisted the full version be bought.
  3. Love this game ! !
    Jennilla Csirkes
    It's so much fun ,love the music, very mellow, can't stop playing
  4. Pretty Good little game.
    Dii Mch
    It reminds me of Diner Dash. It seems like they got a few lil ideas from Diner Dash, but heck who didn't. I love this lil bugger of a game. It's pretty sweet to see the characters alternate. It's very simplistic but yet fun to engage into.
  5. Christine Marlow
    More levels then diner dash & karaoke rush don't hardly use data esp 4 on the videos to continue to play. This game goes to level 60 on play story with the videos. Then more levels on play non stop. They r both challenging I got two more trophies to b completed on trophies. Gove this game a whirl to c what u think. There is no lunch rush 2 hd but it's posted on the screen. Let's get the 2nd game on apps soon I'm about ready to play the 2nd one. THIS GAME WORKS ON Android TOUCH SCREEN. In app purchases read
  6. Tammy Smith
    Love everything about Snowy!! Rather addictive if you enjoy this type of game. I love the new challenge on each level. :D
  7. Very frustrating
    Sisterbear Sherry
    Cant seem to get pass level 29. I've done played numerous times,and to no avail I cant get passed it. Really think we need some POWERUPS thats the only way. Love the game, but come on ...need power up.
  8. Wish I could play it!
    The game is completely unresponsive after launching it. I used to love playing this on my computer.
  9. Can only play to 7th level
    Fermin Velaz
    Good game but disappointed to find out that you have to buy the game after the 7th level!!! For this reason I rate it 3 stars.
  10. Love it
    Jeanna Doughty
    I played this game on my desk top for a long time. I ended the game now I'm playing on my tablet.
  11. Disapointed
    Dani Wyatt
    U say its free but it is not!!!! False pretenses if u ask me.
  12. I am loving it but only 9 levels
    Naman Solanki
    Pls ,pls ,pls ,tell me what to do with it. I can't
  13. Cannot play!
    Zinnia Tong
    I hv played this game in the computer n it's really fun! now I downloaded it to my smart phone, I open it, it asked my name. Ok, my name, press Ok. It just stopped in the main page while I cannot press any button. just ads and music again n again! CANNOT BE PLAYED !!!!!!
  14. J abella
    Nice game. I finished 60 levels in one day. The price is high for this game.
  15. Awesome
    kathy Bishop
    I love this game, only problem is the song gets REALLY annoying after like two times
  16. Lunch rush
    Yuleinny Jimenez
    I love this game man its like I am living in this game
  17. Doesn't work
    Nichole Collins
    After level one the game would not let me drag customers to the far left table
  18. funtastic
    Tiffany George
    i always loved this it on all my devices
  19. Alicia King
    The game is fun use to play it on my computer
  20. Vijay Yadav
    This game is too bad .when I downloaded this game it runs good but after 10 level it stops.i have to buy the next version.


What`s new

- Added full-screen support for newer Android devices
- Bug fixes and performance improvements

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