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  1. Great game
    Chris Adlington
    Not easy though if you don't IAP
  2. Update wiped progress
    Brian Abbott
    I used to enjoy this game. But the latest update wiped out all of my progress. I just can't get enthused about a game that will randomly hit the reset button on me.
  3. Same old, same old
    Nick Austin
    Once all the aliens are unlocked I lost interest. I still like the game since I can play it offline but it's not as exciting as when I first found out about it. Anyway, I don't get why people lost their data, mine's fine since I'm linked with Google+ or maybe that's it...
  4. Doesnt work anymore
    Adli Wickstrom
    After latest update it says your device does not support this application sorry. The rest is history
  5. Angie Poe
    Loving this game. I've acquired most of the Supreme Aliens, but it has been a bit tedious. Certainly not easy, but doable. I would agree with others that suggest that the gold rewards don't seem to be quite equal to the effort it takes to acquire it. But there are ways around that issue, you just need to play some blitz rounds in between. Dont pay for the boosts, just do you best without them and youth should be able to manage the rest.
  6. Cute
    Jadae Michaelis
    Just wish they would give you more energy , i mean the crystals help but the plants kinda suck. Currently i havent gotten past level 3 so yea.
  7. Nothing new
    Jamie Byfield
    All this time the game has been out, you finally have an update and it's just for a new language? And I read that people lost their progress for this crap? I do not recommend this game to people then. Fix this crap.
  8. Colby Smith
    Already addicting. I love that it can be played offline!
  9. Interesting and addictive needs more added to it
    Rafael Pachiko
    Very interesting game and quite addictive, good to burn a few minutes waiting for the bus or in a queue. Could use some more additions in the future as it gets boring after all the aliens have been unlocked!
  10. Lost everything
    Justin Perkins
    Updated and lost everything I had unlocked and earned.
  11. Hey! Still the problem is not fix
    Aibaa mai mee
    After the new updates my alien are all lost and yes my golds + items too
  12. Melissa Yotoko
    I love this game but it's so difficult to make the little aliens! Haha
  13. Lost everything with new update.
    Justin Cessna
    Very fun game, but they wiped out all progress and all of my purchases.
  14. Best time killer
    Kagiso Komane
    Worth every penny. Keeps me on my toes.
  15. Desislava Decheva
    Since the latest update I have been getting an error message saying that my hardware does not support the application. I do not know what you did but that is disappointing.
  16. Addict
    eva salatiga
    Very cool style artwork. I've played this game a few months ago. This very addictive game. I enjoy my free time when playing this game. But not after the update. Loading becomes too long and the app can't be continued after I freeze, it sucks for me must be repeated from the beginning, and my score previously lost. I was get all aliens. I still continue to play to increase the level of each alien. I really hope aliens will change at a particular level. It would be very interesting and fun.
  17. Out of thus world (literally)
    D Jones
    Excellent puzzles, simple yet visually appealing graphics, thought stimulating game play. Love it!
  18. Mon Carandang
    A challenging match-3 game with pleasing graphics. It's harder than your average candy crush/bejeweled game which are more lenient about moves and give you calculated matches to keep you happy.
  19. Very hard game
    One of the most hardest game i played. Much more difficult to get even one supreme alien. The gameplay is good but the downside of the game its just too hard! Seriously ive been playing this game for 5 days until now. i can't even get one of those supreme alien! And a very frustrating game i've encountered so far. I hope the developers should try to adjust its difficulty setting. This game suppose to be to help us relaxed! Not to frustrate us further. Due its a hard game but a good graphics.
  20. Sleep? Sleep is for the weak!
    Elspeth Welch
    Its really fun. Super challenging, addictive, and at times, infuriating, but SO MUCH FUN! Its my best game that doesn't require internet, so I'm good to go! The only complaint I could make is the score cut off in blitz mode. Other than that, pretty cool


What`s new

- Added support for more screen resolutions
- Game optimisation
- Bug fixes

- Game Balancing Adjustments
- Game UI improvements
- Player can always get first free spin of boosts in Hive Mode.
- Bug fixes.

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