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dry kill logic


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  1. Very fun
    TheVoidMaster 101
    I love the game. A real brain teaser and problem solving game. Maybe just have liks an extra purchase offer like for 10 hints...
  2. I thought it would be an easy game
    Agus Sugianto
    But I'm wrong, it squeezed my brain at some stages. Cool. I like it
  3. Beautiful game
    Chandu JR
    A difficult puzzle yet simple to play. The music and UI are super cool.
  4. Great game
    Dee Walding
    Purple is my favorite color,very relaxing, not a stressful game but there are challenges,but not too bad. ;-)
  5. Easy but fun
    Christopher Carcamo
    Idk what you guys are talking about. I feel like my 12 year old niece should be playing this game, not me (25). It's great for stress though.
  6. Keeps my mind busy
    Sharon Phelps
    Game is easy enough that it's not frustraring, but still makes me use my brain and keep focused
  7. Amazing!!
    Leonard Arguelles
    This game is so challenging this game made me play 24 hours! This game is so interesting and interactive. But one thing will you pls buy the hint but not by true money.but this game is awesome I loved it!
  8. Yeah.
    Jade Ocampo
    Me and my Girlfriend have a good IQ and our heads gonna Blow up, because of this we spend more time to each other
  9. Nice game
    rashi gupta
    Liked the look and feel of the game along with sound effect. Gets a bit tricky in few levels, but that's what a game should be like.
  10. Cassidy Squires
    Super easy to get the hang if. Great game that is not too easy but just interesting enough to pass time without completely distracting you. An awesome puzzle game
  11. Downright infectious...
    Joaquin De Los Santos
    Once I opened this app I could not put it down. Definitely for thinkers. Great for killing time and exercising your Brain!
  12. Masterpiece
    EliteGamer Tork
    There is nothing to say this Is art right here the only bad thing is random ads sometimes if anyone else dislikes this game for any other reason they care brain dead republicans nuff said
  13. I played
    joe contini
    there were molds. I was spreading them. I felt like an angry god spreading plague. certainly worth the price tag of free.
  14. Mega mind
    dev dev
    We need to use so much brain as we upgrade to higher stages .Graphic are very good and the UI is very smooth it can run fluently in slow devices
  15. Awesome
    Lykel Macaranas
    Nice game and the concept is simple yet relaxing and fun to play.. If you're having problems sleeping.. play this game.. This is in a positive way :)
  16. Pleasantly pleasing purple pfun
    Rowan Lovecraft
    Relaxing game. Good sounds. Not jangly to play. Annoying ads, but understandable that they exist.
  17. Biological blast!
    Ashad Rehman
    The unique cellular structure and the microbiological features of the game brings out the enigmatic touch to the gameplay. It is resonating plus it is pretty addictive. Love the work, love the play. The mitochondrial spread and the perfect placing of the cells is what makes sporos an exceptional app to have on your phone... It's a great time pass.
  18. Good game so far
    Les Nuits
    It's pretty easy. I'm in the beginning levels so it's pretty fun so far, I'm just waiting for it to kick up and get harder. Overall this is a great game I love it so far
  19. Good game
    Betsy Jones
    Thought provoking and calming. Well made, challenging without being frustrating.
  20. Very tidy game with clear and crisp graphics.
    Colin Lister
    Good puzzle solving game. You can play for 5 minutes or 25, good time filler but does not have addictive and stress issues. Much more a stress relief game.


What`s new

- Bug fixes.

- Added new language: Simplified Chinese
- New way to get free hints
- Game UI improvements
- Game optimizations