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Eric Tjitra | Software Engineer

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Roshan Dubey | Business Development at Apus Group.

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APUS Partnerships and Business Development | Business Development at APUS Group

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APUS Partnerships and Business Development | Business Development at APUS Group

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Reviews 986,632

  1. Loved It
    Rachel Vorster
    Fast and easy to use. However, the little pink icon gets in the way when I change orientation and I want to take a picture
  2. Love this!!
    Arya Malmgren
    I love the bubble that pops up when I get notifications from facebook and texts, it's a quick way to look at everything at once and actually shows everything unlike the notification bar. I also love that you can access the app you're getting the notification from from the screen, super quick. And that you can send a quick text from the screen is great too! This is what I wanted in a messaging app, so great I found this
  3. Bé Popy
    Phải có thêm thông báo facebook, messeger, zalo thì quá good
  4. Helpful app
    Jamie Butler
    I've been using this app for as long as I can remember you added more themes I'm a sports guy would love to see other sports themes other than 2 soccer themes not against soccer would love to see 2 Canadian sports hockey baseball and basketball keep looking to find out someone actually reads these rating systems thanks
  5. loved it
    William Marshal
    functionality. install an everthing really is set just like magic. really it works.
  6. Previous version was better
    Bilal Awan
    Ver 1.5.0 was better. Clicking on badge for new message opened the app in which message was received but now it opens message center by default in ver 1.6.0. Please give an option to view message either in message center or the app (Facebook, whatsapp, IMO, Etc). Thanx
  7. Alarm
    Cheryl Troup
    Couldn't turn alarm off.Kept going off at 6am and it could not be turned off.
  8. I liked it
    enjang somantri
    I like it because this is for security phone*^^*
  9. It's Good, but...
    kawaii j
    You add Kik since that's another social messaging app. Add that to Apus Message Center and watch the stars pile up.
  10. Love the way it manage
    Hoda Omrani
    It's looks good visually as to keep a record of all the messages that was left unread... Great work team will keep sharing feedback for future bugs if any as for now you guys rock
  11. APUS apps are wonderful.! All APUS apps working smoothly on my Karbonn ST72 Tablet PC.!
    Vittal Koppal
    Or else I would never have recommend this amazing APUS apps for you.! Thanks to APUS developers.! Love.!
  12. Can't open
    Neeraj kumar
    Can't open by clicking again and again and also not open of latest version of this plz suggest me.
  13. Apus Notification
    Jodi Dempsey
    Love this. I get notified on the things I choose to receive notifications. Highly recommended. It is worth putting on your device.
  14. It
    sell lay
    Des'Ok actions by tapping Android actions icon (3 vertical dots) or Android menu button icon. Select Get verification code. If you see "Select an account", tap it and choose sell.lay1
  15. Bug?
    Syabilla Wan
    After recent update, I have to click twice on an app's icon to go to the app. Also, I can't go into the message centre app at all. Used to be able to edit settings etc., but not anymore.
  16. Very good.
    Joseph James
    Very accurate and up-to-date. ...helpful. ..thanks APUS.
  17. Bug
    John David Constantino
    When there's a notification bubble on an icon and i tap it,the only thing that happens is the notification bubble goes away and i have to tap the icon again for it to launch/open and it opens only on the first launch
  18. The new update's just awsome but!
    Waleed Mirza
    But I am still waiting for a version that can also remove the notifications from the notification bar. E.g: As in the new version I can directly send an sms reply. I use Mysms for texing. And when I reply using Apus message centre. The notification doesn't disappear from the notification bar. Please somehow make it happen. Even if it requires root. Please!!
  19. kim Manzari
    Loved,I wish I could use it on Windows phone
  20. Blackberry Z3
    zamosa shadrack
    Just so simply and easy to use i love it ncwaaa...!