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James Seaman | Vice President of Business Development at Artifex Mundi

Petaluma, California |

Tracy Pfau | Video Game Actor at Artifex Mundi

Greater Los Angeles Area |

Wojciech Domagała | Microsoft Azure Cloud Developer and Cloud Architect

Katowice, woj. śląskie, Polska |

Jacek Gołębiowski | Owner at Gindie, Game Designer

Kraków, woj. małopolskie, Polska |

Reviews 9,507

  1. Awesomes!!!
    cli furlong
    My type of game... played it too many times now but oh well...still stuck into it ^^
  2. thank you!
    Cedar Erickson
    so completely fabulous. the storyline is engaging and not hokey or predictable. I've played dozens of these adventures and am kind of a snob, but this is top-notch game-play. the facts and info on redwoods in the extras was a really nice touch too. I want more of asmodai's minions! ... It's been a while so I played this one again & still love it. I especially enjoy the HO scenes where you have to use each found object on something else in the scene to complete the objective. thanks again!
  3. Love it but stuck in a game glitch
    Raeco Donalds
    Love the length and well thought out graphics. But I am stuck at the lt where the vehicles are kept behind the mansion, the box with the rings, the part I need to click on is to the right of my screen so I cannot go any farther. Please fix this since it I paid for or the game, now downloaded the update and it starts, then shuts down. Not happy. Just downloaded the new update and still stuvk! Cannot pass the rings in the junk yard!
  4. Loved it
    Jason Evans
    I love the puzzles. I wish there would be more emphasis on puzzles and investigating instead of hidden objects. Loved the story and felt this one had a much deeper story and more interactive than the first game.
  5. Best Hidden Object Game
    Kyrsten Carlson
    Story is great, the puzzles are great, the new hidden object with puzzles in them is great. Loved it. Worth the money (get Google Survey!). One issue...a typo in the bonus game with the ticket woman when she sends away the Raven. It says rave not raven.
  6. Charles Vo
    It was quite enjoyable. This adventure game had a good story with an X-files like theme.
  7. This game is rad - awesome
    Get Enigmatis 3 started and coming up real soon!
  8. By far, one of the best games yet!
    Nadine Maree
    Loved every second of this game! Worth every penny! Awesome twist and yeay for the bonus at the end!
  9. Not bad at all
    Robert Harding
    Interesting story, follows on from the first game without needing to play it.
  10. Enigmatis
    Victoria Miller
    I really like it. You just need to make more games similar to it. Maybe something not detective?
  11. Too short for me
    Dontaishia Moten
    It's a good game but I finish it the same day I paid for it..
  12. Great travel fodder
    Bob Morgan
    Recently took a trip that involved a lot of flying. Enigmatis made the flight a lot shorter...
  13. Great!
    Lea Blaskova
    A bit too expensive I must say compared to other games of same quality. Enjoyed everything though. The story,graphics,puzzles.
  14. Game was good
    Carena Vaughn
    Game is good but I would have given five star if it had less hidden object puzzles and more problem solving puzzles
  15. Setting the bar
    Lexy Dorasette
    Seriously, this company knows how to make awesome games! Just take my money!!!!
  16. Amazing!
    Cheryl Clark
    This is an amazing game and you will get hooked.
  17. meri hoopingarner
    Just started but I love it hope your making more of this style
  18. Gy I Just Fe Qwrdsa
    i tried 3 times for some reason why mic messing up so i'll be back later goodbye it is good you cannot go wrong with this it's good you become attached to them it's good it is
  19. Having trouble
    Gloria McConnell
    I have bought several of your games and I love them. This one is giving me trouble in the scene where the junk yard is. There is a tree with a puzzle and I hit the him cuz I wasn't able to do anything. The hint leads to the right area of the screen where I cannot click at all. Is like the scene its to big for the screen...
  20. Game is ok
    Pam Martin
    I found the game a little Monotonous. I liked the story, it was hard to keep up with. The grim legends series were a lot better. Keep up the good work, love this type of game.