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Wojciech Domagała | Microsoft Azure Cloud Developer and Cloud Architect

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Reviews 7,570

  1. Help!
    Stephanie Corder
    I can't get past the enter your name screen. It's entirely frozen. I see now that other are having this issue. Please fix it it's really like to play.
  2. Frustrated. (Note 4 user)
    Rebecah Silveira
    I am so frustrated! I can't get passed the "enter your name" section. Only the type row of my keyboard works (only the very top of the keys, mind you), otherwise the screen is completely unresponsive. I've downloaded and re-downloaded. Nothing. Thought is was my phone... Restarted that. Still nothing. I bought this game because the other Grim Legends was so great! Now, I just want my money back....
  3. Homerun! One of the best
    Kjerstie Lindelof
    Long, engaging and wonderful story. A+ for you guys! I am already a big of yours. IF YOU HAVE ISSUES ON THE SCREEN THAT ASKS FOR YOUR NAME... which we aaalll do I find that if you just accept you name as player right off the bat with out trying to add your name you get NO problems. Kinda sucks but it's better then freezing or fighting with the game. Hope this helps. Happy gaming.
  4. Thoroughly Enjoyed
    Laura Abrams
    This game had a great storyline that kept me very entertained. The puzzles were fun and a good balance between casual easy to a tad frustrating (in a good way). I loved the characters and graphics and hope for a part two.
  5. Good distracting fun
    Kate Trew
    The story wasn't too bad and neither were there too many hidden object games if you, like me, get a bit bored with the repetitiveness of them. The puzzles were fun to solve if a little obvious. The graphics were nicely drawn. Overall it was a few hours of good distracting fun.
  6. Super fun and enjoyable !!
    Paige Hunt
    For someone who doesn't really enjoy a lot of games on my phone and especially these sort as they are often screwed up and boring, I am thoroughly enjoying this game and all its cool puzzles !! Plus the storyline is enthralling and convoluted
  7. Loved it
    Ashley C
    Worth spending the money on. I enjoyed every second. My only complaints are that the full-motion videos were rendered at a considerably lower quality than the game itself, and sometimes the script and voice acting were REALLY cheesy. I mean, really just the cheesiest. But the puzzles are super fun and engaging, if a little simple, and I had a good time watching the story unfold. Will probably buy part two. ^^
  8. Fun game, ok story
    B-wrecka D
    I'm almost done and it's been fun so far. The challenges are relatively easy. Easy to stop and start at your convenience. Story is kinda weak, but the art is pretty.
  9. Very good game
    Don Duncan
    This game started slow but really got interesting soon. It has different games and hidden objects that I enjoyed
  10. Great game butt
    Amy Malakowsky
    There is still a bug in the game. After you unbury the bear you get half of a heart by the time you get to the witch's house and talk to her the half of heart is gone from your inventory
  11. Emily Laso
    Couldn't enter a player name, had to just back out. But the game offered a good distraction.
  12. Grim legend
    Page Anderson
    Loved the game a little short but sooo worth the money
  13. So far, excellent
    Anne Freeman
    Asked for rating way too early but so far, very entertaining. Good puzzles, object combination ho puzzles which is a nice change.
  14. John Stewart
    Fun, pretty easy once you got started.
  15. First time
    CammieSarah Duyzer
    The first time I did it it kept freezing at the end but when I played the 2 time I so loved it
  16. Great game
    Felicity Shields
    Very enjoyable for someone who is just starting in the genre and enjoys the type of story.
  17. Amazing
    Nadia Almeida
    Well worth the buy. Love it, really addictive
  18. Absorbing
    Tammy Martin
    Had lots of fun, enjoyed the bonus level.
  19. Love!
    Autumn Blalock
    I've got to say I'm not one to spend $4.99 on a game, but I'm addicted to these games. I've tried cheaper imitation ones and have not had nearly the great experience as with these!
  20. Played it twice!!
    Jennifer Diaz
    Love playing. Like the challenge of finding hidden bonus points.