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James Seaman | Vice President of Business Development at Artifex Mundi

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Tracy Pfau | Video Game Actor at Artifex Mundi

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Wojciech Domagała | Microsoft Azure Cloud Developer and Cloud Architect

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Jacek Gołębiowski | Owner at Gindie, Game Designer

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Reviews 3,904

  1. Worth it
    Emily Castillo
    I've grown quite addicted to these hidden object adventure games as of late. It's a great game, at a good length. Interesting and simple. Hasn't crashed for me once in the several times I've played it. I'm really looking forward to a third game in the Grim Legends series.
  2. Good game!
    Tempus Sidereal
    Just as beautiful and entertaining as the first Grim Legends. And I like the twist to a familiar old story. Excellent rendition. Had a few hiccups my first time through, but I'm sure it was my tablet, not the game. Worked just fine the second time. Found all but two of the healer's symbols, so there will be a third round. HO and mini games simply designed yet challenging enough to be fun. Only takes a few hours to finish but otherwise a great game.
  3. Enjoyed it
    Louise Servinis
    A great time filler or waster - I'm not sure which. Would like to see a few more sales as the price is prohibitive on a low income. Not a single crash or freeze - this is most impressive!!
  4. Grim legends son of the dark swan
    Page Anderson
    Great game worth the $$$ wish the bonus was longer
  5. Rebecca Hopper
    I love the hidden object adventure games. I love when they are of great length, makes them more fun. Please continue making new ones. Please make a Grim Legends 3
  6. Great except for the price
    Cassie Chatfield
    Fantastic games, but you should drop your prices. Good storylines and it isnt too short which is a plus. Im happy to pay for quality games, but 6.50 is a bit much
  7. It was really good
    Damian Mitchell
    Beautiful scenes, really good story. The mini games were hard but not too difficult. Great value for money. Plus an extra mini game to play when you finish.
  8. Even better than the first
    Ashley C
    The art is more elegant, the voice acting and script didn't make me cringe, the story was even more fairytale-like and engaging, and the mini games were harder. This sequel is pretty much everything I could have asked for in building on the first game, and I really hope they make a third!
  9. So much fun!
    MakeupDrShari Smith
    Interesting storyline, beautiful animation, mini games range from super simple to mildly difficult. A fun relaxing game. Definitely worth the money.
  10. Pamela Jane
    Great game! Lovely scenery and beautiful graphics. Hints are available as with an interactive map. Worth the price as it's a lengthy game. I've played a few from this developer and had no problems. All are good
  11. So far so good.
    Wendy Balchin
    Have installed update and things are looking good. Will start the game again and hope the experience is much less frustrating. I have a seeing that I paid full price for it!!! Would like to enjoy this game but problem in full screen means I can't see conversations or clues. Will provide feedback when I try again after update!
  12. Game play was good but...
    Magdalen C
    Story was weak and I didn't like the images and the voiceover of the siblings. The extra play time has nothing to do with the main story.
  13. Won't let me continue
    samantha Frei
    You can't give the ingredients list to the boy. Please fix
  14. Excellent game!!!
    Lesley Peacock
    I really enjoyed playing this one, ran perfectly the whole way through both parts. Well done.
  15. Alexandra Packer
    Great game and well worth the money. Just wish they took longer!!!
  16. Worth $
    Jennifer Maki
    Worth every penny. Pretty lengthy. Not too easy which is great for chronic players. But some tasks were kinda random no link to overall mission.
  17. Great game
    Jessica Tuckness
    I wish it was longer still a really good hidden object game
  18. Amazing as usual
    Nikki-lee Blake
    Gorgeous graphics and soundtrack! The only issue/quirk I noticed is how the characters faces move oddly as they speak. I haven't finished the game yet but the story lacks nothing, I love how it keeps me guessing. I'm eager to play the third Grim Legends, and look forward to the new story and puzzles you bring forth!
  19. Good
    Autumn Blalock
    I do like it, but some of the HOG pics are so small it makes it hard to find. I'm also frustrated that every time I purchase one within a few days I get an email offer of 60 percent off.. which would be great except it's for the game I just paid $5 for a few days ago!
  20. Steven Theaker
    Amazing as always! The beautiful graphics to the soothing sounds. Always worth the ££'s...