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Monthly active users estimation: 3,000,000

Reviews 25,764

  1. Kelsey Weigel
    The single player option SUCKS. Your partner has no clue what it's doing and added with the skewed shuffling it's impossible to win. But I love multi player!! It's so refreshing playing with real people who actually understand strategy rather than a computer who clearly has not been programmed with strategy (like calling trump without the Bauers NOR an ace for that matter!! Like really?? So if you're going to play this game just go right to multi player.
  2. Ugh
    Gerald Wright
    Forced to sign into google plus or Facebook to do multiplayer. Also, in the single player mode, the AI will call trump with only a nine in that suit and their partner will have the rest. Even better, your partner will call trump without any bowers/bars (your choice) and only an ace and nine and be three suited. Not cool. Editing my review, I hate it even more!!!! Not realistic with AI. I wish I could give less than one star. Editing again. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. Not realistic at all!!!
  3. Good at first
    Dan Barker
    Game is good at first but as you start playing more you'll notice that you start getting delt worse hands. Before you know it 4 out of every 5 hands you'll be delt 3 or 4 9s and 10s. I played 2 straight games and couldn't even win a point because of the cards I was delt.
  4. Very good, but not perfect
    Ivan William Pfeifer
    Game needs to sense device orientation. Otherwise, it's very good. Dealer is quite apparent. Pick up /Pass sequence could be faster.
  5. Tony Willmann
    Overall its a good game. Like the multiplayer options as well. My only complaint is... autoplay...why is it only works when you have one card left in your hand? For example...i went alone with 5 trump, and even though i took thr first three wouldnt autoplay until the last trick. Otherwise its a good game.
  6. Euchre 3D
    Dale George
    Partner will throw the game. You can set your opponents skill level but you can't keep from having a partner purposely lose.
  7. Wow
    Tye Rauls
    Count on your partner to give up 4+ points per game no matter his setting, especially when it's tied 8-8, he will make a trump call with a 9 and queen and throw the game consistently. Opposite team also consistently is dealt better cards, especially baures. Count on one frustrating and loss filled game with a partner about as helpful as a screen door on a submarine.
  8. Recommended
    becky rockwell
    I highly recommend this game for euchre lovers. You can practice with the AI before you join the multiplayer option. I'm completely addicted to this game. My only complaint is you don't get enough tokens to play with. The price is right to purchase more but if you're broke it would be nice to be have the option to earn them. I say 5 stars all the way. Best online euchre game that i know of
  9. Tina Cox
    Best Euchre app you'll find, though, naturally, it has some issues with ai, and the difficulties. Good for beginner or intermediate players, but if you're looking for an advanced match, you're better off sticking to the real thing. Good for what it is though
  10. Very bad computer players
    Todd Elliott
    The computer controlled players make terrible decisions in all facets of the game. Single player option is unplayable to anyone with euchre experience. Conversely the multiplayer is actually well done except there needs to be stiffer penalties for purposely abandoning a game because your losing. There are far too many people leaving to avoid losses.
  11. Computer A.I. Chooses!
    Joe Robeck
    I don't play online and because I won't I believe that the software plays in such a way that I have to cheat to win! Imagine that? The what people are saying - is a joke!
  12. Partner screws up a lot
    Ben Kopietz
    If my partner has ace, 10 of trump left he will lay the 10 and lose to a queen of trump. Just lay the ace man. Fix for this?
  13. Needs work
    Darin Gott
    Would be a good game but difficulty in single player mode is based solely on dealing you awful cards. Seriously work in it. The graphics are sweet and the game play is smooth but the AI is just sad.
  14. Great game
    Collin Glass
    The online is perfect and the single player is great. Very well created and maintained. Although the difficulty set on the single player doesn't feel like it makes the bots smarter but it feels like it just deals them better hands and you worst hands. All in all its a great game for a euchre lover with no local friends to sit down and play with real cards.
  15. Tina Bonam
    Its great. I'm from the north but live in tx now n they don't know what eucher is lol.
  16. Great Game but People Cheat on FB
    Jayne George
    I believe knowing friends on FB gives opportunity to cheat. Or couples are in the same room telling each other what trump to make it.
  17. I have HTC M8 since last update. When open app it tries to load but closes
    Randy Tisot
  18. Legion Charlie
    What the? Partner is so useless. Does the inventor even know how to frigging play. Goes loan on my deal and loses every time. Dur
  19. Becky Thornton
    Good game. Hubby and I like to play on multiplayer when we don't have another couple to play with. Entertaining on single too. Could use some improvements-seems as if opponents always have the upper hand. But that's to be expected in a computerized version. Overall, 5 stars. Keeps me entertained daily.
  20. It's alright
    Allen Parker
    One player option. .your robot partner likes to throw high trump out if the other robot team calls trump. .could euchre robot team if that didn't happen many times. Bad strategy playing. .is also seems all robots know what is in everybody's hand.


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