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  1. Why no trend lines?
    leekesh Gurjar
    I spend most of my time outside the home with my galaxy tab and don't have time to use desktop version. App is overall good but missing Trend lines & Fibonacci's.
  2. Very easy and fun to use
    Daniël van der Hauw
    Only downside I had, that I couldn't redo the tutorial when my phone shut down while using the app. Then again, I didn't want to restart my account.
  3. registration issues
    denbleyg V
    it's not taking any form of password and it doesn't tell me the requirement on the pw. until I fig it out I give it 2.
  4. Very fast
    Matt Bushby
    Only had this app 24 hours but it is very fast and packed with up to date information. Would of liked a longer tutorial of how this app works but very easy use.
  5. I'm going to try it
    david peel
    Seeming that their is a lot of good to great responses I'm thinking about trading my self just to see how it works and to see if I would be able to make a profit
  6. Nizar Ibrahim
    Because you are not the only one who can be good for me
  7. adam krawec
    Easy to use, would be nice to see more tutorial integration in the practice account.
  8. Michael McGovern
    Stocks all loosing money and I don't like algorithm making me loose!
  9. Great
    Michael Atkinson
    Great app but dont get much cash but its good information
  10. Emmanual Michelo
    Very easy to use, professional. Once I fully understand how to trading I'll definitely do some real trading not in demonstrate mode. I really like the simplicity but very accurate tool. I usually compare the price movement with Other platform like London Stock Exchange this platform is always as per LSM price numbers.
  11. Okay but hard to work with for beginners
    Kerim Hacizade
    Found the app hard to get used to, until I checked online.
  12. Ruined
    Reece Gibbens
    New design looks modern and sleek, but has taken all the functionality I have come to know and love. Due to being separated from my desktop I have begun too use the app again however that recent remodeling has made navigation painstaking and the experience a dreadfully task. Don't try fix what wasn't broken. -Dr.R.Gibbens
  13. I got this app to recover my money spent on meek mills album
    Gabriel Stoica
    Man meek mills album sucks but with this app i feel like drake when he releases his mixtape . that is dope bro i made 50000 just from downloading man this is too dope . #meekmillalbummoneyrecovery
  14. Very good!
    Obiechina Peter
    Exactly what i have been looking for but please i need more tutorials and definition of some terms
  15. Tom Lord
    Ive wanted to get into broking for ages! Since I was very young I've shown great interest as I lve always know its probably the highest earner! This practice account is going to give me the confidence I need create a real account and start making those millions I've always wanted. Thanks 212
  16. Great app, couple of suggestions?
    James Willing
    Good learning tool so far without spending any money I can see how I could make a lot of money even lose money but once I find my stride ill give the real thing a go and I like the news updates. ANY CHANCE you could add some financial quotes to the companies listed and some price alarms for observational purposes? Then this would definitely be the complete package you would out rank all other trading apps on the market. Although in my eyes you already do
  17. clint wagoner
    Works well. And is easy to set up my signals and charts
  18. Adam Squire
    Great app,I'm new to the market and find I can learn with the app
  19. Trading 12 Forex stock
    George Tuli
    Excellent app to lean about how to trad instock
  20. Interesting app but a bit confusing
    ashwan punshi
    Really good app if you're interested in this kind of thing but takes a little experimenting to firgure out what everything does as there is no real tutorial to teach you the ropes


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