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rgb express


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  1. Easy to learn, challenging levels
    Adam Conley
    It is a great way to spend some down time. Levels aren't so hard that you want to throw your phone at a wall, but not so easy that you can fly through the game in 20 minutes. Fantastic balance.
  2. Polished little puzzler
    Mika Kataja
    For free app there is plenty brainfood, Some maps really left me puzzled for a while. For freebie adds aren't overly intrusive which is refreshing these days. Even the frequent fullscreen add after completing doesn't feel clickbaity since you are not trying to click anything. Overall recommended timewaster when alternative is reading shampoo bottles or waiting for PC finish installing OS.
  3. Great Game!
    Sam F
    Great game, lots of fun and challenging levels. I love the polished cartoon look. Good job Bad Crane!
  4. Awesome
    Gene Clapper
    Like that it challenges the brain and is fun too. Being a truck driver, makes it that much cooler.
  5. Gud
    Shalini Shreya
    Quite good u can play this game to pass your time it may seem silly for elders but u can give it a try its a nice game
  6. Cute design, clever concept, inconsistent difficulty
    David Clark
    As the title says, the design is pretty cute, also very clean and easy to understand. The idea is neat and decently executed. The puzzles (so far, up to halfway through) are not tremendously challenging most of the time, and difficulty is inconsistent.
  7. A good, fun game
    Kortney Adams
    Simple to learn, but gets progressively tougher at a nice pace. Visually pleasing. Fun to play for 5 minutes or an hour. Good brain fun!
  8. Hashtag: Perfect
    Kuriskanye Mehonlga
    The graphics are cute, boxy and minimalistic. Concentrating is easy, too, because the soundtrack helps ease and relax the mind. It's a little bit jazzy and reminds me of lounge music. I finished 10 route puzzles so far and I have to say that although they certainly challenged me, they weren't frustratingly difficult to the point where I'd want to put down my phone. Loved how for the first few puzzles, you could get coins by watching app commercials. Convenient!
  9. Best!
    Kinnara Aradhya
    The levels keep getting difficult, and its a challenge! A very good game overall if you like challenges!
  10. Great game yet heavy
    Leandro Santos
    Nice puzzles but it consumes too much resources of my device, crushing all the time I play it for more than 10 minutes.
  11. More of this sort of thing
    Kristian Sivonen
    A really clever design with a clean and pleasant execution. The difficulty curve could take a bit fewer twists and turns than the road, though. I don't mind the occasional head-scratchers but the blatantly obvious ones between them stick out as weird. Still, a lovely little game.
  12. Definitely worth the bucks for King Truck
    Steven Canuel
    This is probably the best game I've ever played on Android since I've had android.
  13. Love This Game
    Shyam Patel
    This game is too good. Because while playing this game i feel fresh and ut gives me power to enhance my mind
  14. Love it
    Destoir Wood
    Only downladed it last week and done over 250 levels and ja pa ja use the white for all bar one blue block
  15. Landscape mode PLEASE
    Amos Domingo
    I'm playing this in a 10.5 inh tablet. I'm hoping for a landscape mode. Supporting this game! It's fun and make your brain think. :)
  16. Kah Sim Kimberly
    It's an exciting feeling when you manage to solve a puzzle. It makes you want to replay your effort and go on giving yourself a pat on the back
  17. Such an addicting game
    James Brown
    I got a new phone, and was half way done and lost all my progress, and was more than willing to start over.
  18. rivetbabydoll
    Fun but I wish you could save your progress... I got a new phone and had to start all over.
  19. Awesome Game
    panji pratama
    WOW!!! Lots of fun..fresh your mind..kill your time..very addict..recommend..thumbs up..
  20. Brain teaser
    Candice Rees
    This helps my son with thinking outside the box. He likes this game.


What`s new

- Expert Mode par values are now tougher on some levels! [Complete 200 levels to unlock Expert Mode]
- Improved tutorials to help new players
- Bug fixes and other improvements

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