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  1. Would be fun but.....
    Amanda Hughes
    Every level freezes. And whatever power up I seem to use goes when the level freezes. Uninstalling. Only had for 2hrs before it started giving problems.
  2. It's okay
    Kathryn Featherngill
    It's cute, but the pop up ads are really annoying, and every time I am done with the level I have just played it takes me back to the main screen.
  3. jm med
    Would be better if all the stupid adds didn't slow the game down oh and if it actually gave you the colors you could at least use rather than wasting 5 birds cuz it won't give you a usable color uninstalling now
  4. Keeps stopping
    Shalon Rosa
    I absolutely love this game, but "Unfortunately Bubble Shooter Birds has stopped" to make it worse, it takes a life every time it does. Please fix this so I don't have to uninstall and so I can give it 5 stars
  5. Crash issues
    Michelle Morse
    When an ad is closed and I try to return to the game, I get a black screen. Sometimes I can hear the music from the game but can't see uhh anything. Other times I see a pop-up that says "Unfortunately, Bubble Shooter has stopped. "Can't even close it and reopen opens to a black screen. A force stop seems to help for a while. Other than this issue, I love the game, but you must admit that it's a big issue. I especially love the pleasant music, not loud and repetitive like arcade music.
  6. Kristyn Sotelo
    It was great until they did an update. Now the skull birds that count down and deplete your available shots are killing at super speed. They kill of 35 shooter birds in the first 20 seconds. Hopefully they can fix this or I'll just have to remove the app. Sad cause I was really enjoying it.
  7. Super Fun
    Beverly Christopher
    At first I thought it was too easy like a childs game. Boy was I wrong. It is getting harder and harder and it is very fun. I love it. And I am 56 so there ya go! Ha! Ok well heres a update. Seems its pritty much riged to make you pay to play. It makes it impossible to win without buying stuff. Very sad because i was enjoying it till i got past the easy levels they use to hook you. Im taking stars away.
  8. Just fun!
    Laura Nester
    Simple, colorful, cute, totally enjoyable. It's an unwind game. Entertaining without the stress of a war type game. Really done well.
  9. bubble shooter birds FUN.
    Carmen Pagan
    I really like this game because the colored birds are super cute and cuddly looking and it really kills a good boredom mood that is for sure. I give this googleplaystore game 5 stars and a super plus for that! :)
  10. Fun game, obnoxious ads
    Kina Heather
    One ad is always at the bottom. This game is the worst for popups I've seen yet. Very pricy too. Once I run out of helpers I'll be uninstalling.
  11. Barb Bumgarner
    Was way up on levels, and dumb game reset back to level one. Not sure how much longer I'll play but otherwise it is kind of fun
  12. Jayne Crowe
    I really like the game, but I hate having to wait to get more birds, I think they should be unlimited.
  13. Fun game
    Amanda Williams
    Good time waster. The birds are really cute. I don't like the ads that keep popping up throughout the game though
  14. Bubble shooter birds
    Sherry Patrick
    It's fun , I like it , but these stupid unwanted adds keep causing the game to freeze and glitch . If it keeps up , I will not ever download again .
  15. Fun game but
    Lana Buddie
    The pop up adds keep freezing the game. Sometimes at the beginning I can't even get to the game because the adds just give me a black screen and have to try reload every time. Please fix. There really shouldn't be Adds on an in- app purchase game.
  16. salypz
    Would be great if it didn't freeze or pop an add up while ur trying to play..... can we save it for before or after the level?
  17. Bubble Shooter Birds
    Debra Cooley
    Haven't been playing long enough. So far so good.
  18. FUN Game So Far . . .
    Jackie Johnson
    Haven't run into any glitzes yet - hopefully this will remain a FUN game & *not crash, *not cost too much, *not freeze my mobile, *not show all sorts of totally unwanted ads &/or videos; like some other games I've UNINSTALLED when these things start happening. Thanks! (So far)
  19. Alright
    Kelsey Holland
    I downloaded it to get a reward from another game and then started playing it....pretty fun to pass the time. No issues so far
  20. Melissa Wengler
    Melissa Wengler
    I have played this game before and I like playing it,just wish there were more power up's than what's given


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